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    What's the longest vacation you've taken by train?

    Two Weeks. Four years ago when our daughter got out of high school we took a two week trip. NBN-CHI-SEA-LAX-FLG-SFW-CHI-NBN. We stayed 3 days each in SEA and SFW. We had a layover in LAX for 23 hours and about 19 hours in FLG. We rented a car in FLG and took in the Grand Cannon. Great Trip...
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    Need to buy a diner car

    I have a customer for whom I just renovated his corporate office. His property is part of the old US in Jackson, TN. He would like to have a diner car serve as his break/lunch room for his staff. Anyone know where I could buy a diner car to renovate? I have looked at the ones at...
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    GE Genesis manual

    That would be an interesting read.
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    Cross Country Trip - What to do in FLG, Baggage Issue, Introduce Teens

    In a week or so my wife, daughter and her friend (both 20) and I will be taking a cross country trip NBN-CHI-FLG-LAX-NOL-NBN. We will be traveling in adjacent (across the hall) roomettes. We took a similar trip in the summer of 2014 that being NBN-CHI-(via EB)-SEA-LAX-FLG-SFW-(via CZ)-CHI-NBN...
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    Amtrak Service Standards Manual Ver 9

    Does anyone know where I can access a copy of the Amtrak Service Standards Manual version 9? I need to verify I can book 4 in a bedroom (non-berth service) from nol to nbn before I call an agent to book the trip.
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    Westbound LSL 49 (5/24) loses 3 hours in OH

    My daughter is on this train, her first solo trip. Crew reports hitting a trespasser around 5:00 am this morning. Expected to arrive in Chicago around 12:40 pm.
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    Most Romantic Moments on Amtrak

    In 1992 my (now) wife and I took the City of New Orleans to New Orleans to get married. While sitting in the lounge we struck up a conversation with the conductor and when he found out what we were doing he up graded us to a bedroom free of charge. A good move on his part as we have been...
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    CZ broke down between Colfax and Truckee.

    That should read CZ
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    CZ broke down between Colfax and Truckee.

    CZ broke down between Colfax and Truckee. Trying to get Union Pacific to send locomotive loaner. ChrisR
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    Coast Starlight hits car a few minutes ago (6/7)

    Now waiting for a track inspector. We are north of Gilroy(sp).
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    Coast Starlight hits car a few minutes ago (6/7)

    Good news, it appears nobody is hurt. Train delayed for investigation.
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    EB mess

    So what is happening to the EB between MSP and MOT? We are scheduled for SEA-CHI leaving CHI tomorrow. What should we expect, besides the unexpected?
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    Coast Starlight Bedroom Suite turns to Bustitution

    Oregon pioneer, That's great to know. That's almost a round trip to New Orleans for next year! Thanks, Chris
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    Coast Starlight Bedroom Suite turns to Bustitution

    Thanks Guys, I feel a better knowing we will not miss any scenery and we are glad the bustitution it is not in the middle of the night. We will roll with the flow and have a great time! ChrisR
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    Coast Starlight Bedroom Suite turns to Bustitution

    Amamba, Yes, we are staying in SEA two nights. I checked and the bustitution is also scheduled for the day before our trip. Because of tours and other reservations in SEA and LAX probably better to just take the bus ride and consider it an "adventure". Thanks, ChrisR
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    Coast Starlight Bedroom Suite turns to Bustitution

    We have an AGR trip coming up in a few days as follows: Leg 1 NBN to CHI via CONO CHI to SEA via EB Leg 2 SEA to LAX via CS LAX to FLG via SWC Leg 3 FLG to SFC via SWC/CS/Bus Leg 4 SFC to CHI via Bus/CZ CHI to NBN via CONO These four legs were booked on one reservation using AGR...
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    Quik-Trak Scan vs eTicket

    Thanks for your response. Both the Quik-Trak email and the eTicket include the entire trip (including the bus connections). They appear identical in terms of itinerary. I booked this reservation using AGR, should I call AGR or Amtrak? I feel like I'm ok, but my luck is not always the best, I...
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    Quik-Trak Scan vs eTicket

    We have a MULTI-CITY trip coming up in a few weeks as follows: NBN-CHI-SEA-LAX-FLG-LAX-OAK-SFF-SFW-EMY-CHI. There are 3 of us, myself, wife and daughter. Friday there were three emails sent from Amtrak (I assume they were sent to all three of us as I listed my email for all three contacts)...
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    Ticket mixup

    My 4 segments are under one reservation. Should I be concerned or is this fairly reliable? My reservation is AGR and I cannot check it online. Should I call in between segments to check on the reservation? I do not want to loose any of my reservation in the middle of the trip. I cannot...