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  1. ScottRu

    Great 98 Trip

    I'm on 98, which has been sailing along smoothly. We are over 30 minutes ahead of schedule heading in to Philadelphia. Leo has been our Sleeper Car Attendant, and as usual he has been wonderful. He tells me he will be retiring in a couple of years. I hope everyone traveling today has as smooth...
  2. ScottRu

    Washington Union Station delays (2/24/16)

    Sitting on 98 in DC, and just notified that no trains are leaving Union Station due to an unspecified fire some 20 minutes north. No word on how long the delay will be.
  3. ScottRu

    Fascinating history of what is UNDER Grand Central

    Here is a fascinating video about what lies beneath New York's Grand Central Station...
  4. ScottRu

    3/11 #98 cancelled

    Anyone know what led to the cancellation of today's northbound Meteor?
  5. ScottRu

    What's Up with 98 (2/16)?

    I see the Meteor is running over 5 hours late, which is slow even for that train. Left Florence on time. I suspect it is running into that terrible line of weather going through middle America. Anyone have any real info? Wife and I came down from Boston (just in time!) on Thursday. The...
  6. ScottRu

    Deadly Canadian train accident Evidently the driver of the bus had some type of medical event and drove right through a gate and into the side of a train in Ottawa. Report 6 on the bus were killed, with multiple injuries to others. Another sad...
  7. ScottRu

    The Crescent (Feb, 25-26, 2013)

    THE CRESCENT - FEB. 25-26, 2013 2/26/13 My grand journey from Boston to New Orleans began with the pedestrian Amtrak Regional 171 to Penn Station. It was a comfortable, smooth ride which got me to NYP with 2 hours to spare. (Couldn't see paying $100 more for the Acela just to have more time to...
  8. ScottRu

    Tragedy in Texas

    What an awful tragedy in Midland, Tx. I can only imagine the terrible feelings of those who lost loved ones, and those who were on the train that caused the deaths.
  9. ScottRu


    Hi folks. I've been "lurking" for a while and find the discussion of Amtrak enjoyable and educational. I'm a train fan-- my grandfather worked the yards in Chicago and later Gary, Ind. I still remember the excitement of seeing all the equipment, the "hump," the roundhouse, etc. Taken the...