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  1. Cina

    CZ Strikes Truck in Lincoln (8/18)

    Looks like two teenagers in my town lost their lives because they didn't feel like obeying crossing arms last night. I'd be mighty grumpy if I got on in Lincoln and then sat in the station for another 6 hours! Linky
  2. Cina

    Ways to entertain an adult man.

    I've seen lots of threads on this board about things to pack to keep kids entertained on a long train trip, but I've got a different problem. When I booked my yearly train trip extravaganza down to California, I was lucky enough to find cheap enough tickets to go round trip on the train...
  3. Cina

    Derailed train hits derailed bar. "Anderson says a patrol officer called him to say a train car had derailed into Derailed, adding that "it's not every day you get to say that."
  4. Cina

    Oldest Surviving Pullman Porter Dies at 106

    Thought this might be relevant to the interests of some here. Seemed like an interesting guy.
  5. Cina

    Hastings, NE collision (4/2) - will it effect the CZ?

    Saw this on Facebook tonight. I know the CZ goes through Hastings, but not whether it's double tracked...according to the article the tracks will need extensive repairs. Any chance they'll have to reroute the CZ...
  6. Cina

    Really more of a hotel question...

    This isn't strictly train related, but I couldn't figure out a good place to put it, feel free to move... ...anyway, I'm getting all the details ironed out for my annual California Trainstravaganza, and just went to book a room at the Vagabond Inn in Sacramento for the night before I connect...
  7. Cina

    Cardinal or Hoosier State?

    Hi again everyone! Sorry about the long silence. School started again and with the return of students comes the retreat of my free time (and sanity). But it's about time to start daydreaming about summer. My brother is getting married in June (unlike my other brother he's sensibly getting...
  8. Cina

    Iowa is terrible, and other thoughts.

    (I apologize to any Iowans who read this. I'm sure you're a lovely person with many great qualities.) I am so bored on the delayed Zephyr #6 right now that I'm starting my trip report early. When I got on the Zephyr at 6 this morning in Lincoln, I was so happy to be back in a roomette. I was...
  9. Cina

    I get by with a little help from...

    Yesterday's #6 acquired another engine at Elko last night, due to an underperforming engine. Counting the ACS-64 it's an engine party up there! (Excuse the poor photo quality, taken using my phone from the rear sleeper :)
  10. Cina

    AGR newbie here.

    Yet another question-I'm like that kids in class who just keeps raising their hand :P I'm booked on this trip next month, and I've been an AGR member since my last trip. This year I'm taking my mother, who isn't an AGR member. However, I thought I remembered reading some advice about inviting...
  11. Cina

    Another trip, more neurotic questions.

    Hey folks, remember me? I joined up last year, learned a lot about Amtrak, took a trip, wrote a report, then school started and teaching stole the energy necessary to look at a screen and type things :P Well anyway, I'm taking another trip this year and started lurking again (neurotically...
  12. Cina

    From the Corn to the Coast

    Hello! My long-awaited and much-anticipated trip report is here (right? Remember me? Oh well.) I've been back for a few days, and just now gathering my wits and my energy to write a trip report of my lovely trip. I can't wait to tell you all about it. And I won't! My best friend lives...
  13. Cina

    Old Zephyr cars on CS #14

    There are three (I think?) old Zephyr cars on the back of the northbound Coast Starlight I just boarded. Are these private cars? I took a few pictures but don't know how to post them with my phone.
  14. Cina

    The stupid little things that I worry about.

    The last two nights I've woken from the same nightmare. It's midnight, June 3rd, I'm stepping onto the Zephyr in Lincoln, and I get upstairs and look around and there are NO. WINDOW. SEATS. Then I wake up in a cold sweat. It's these little things that I worry about! What if I don't get a...
  15. Cina

    Water, coffee, general train excitement.

    Hi! I've been lurking around reading these forums ever since I booked my second rail trip for this summer. I took the CZ from LNK to SAC a few years ago to visit a friend, and I'm doing something similar June 3rd (CZ from LNK to SAC, CS from SAC to LA, Surfliner from LA to IRV) I'm ridiculously...