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  1. TVRM610

    Capitol & Crescent to Atlanta

    Okay.. finally writing the last trip report from my past expedition. I arrived in Chicago from the chief, we were about 30 minutes late, I knew I didn't have too much time and I really didn't feel like checking my bag in the lounge so I just rolled it right along with me.... I was ready for...
  2. TVRM610

    Southwest Chief - Interesting Diner Crew

    Albuquerque - Chicago Arrived at the station about 20 minutes before scheduled arrival, upon walking up to the platform an Amtrak Agent came up and said "where are you traveling today" I said Chicago and she said "alrighty the train is a few miles out, however it's currently stopped due to a...
  3. TVRM610

    Live Report - Memphis - Grand Junction

    Hello from the Metro Lounge in Chicago... partway through the trip so here is a quick report so far... Got dropped off at Memphis Central Station last night... glad to see the station is kept up so well. The waiting room is small and simple with historic benches and some really cool historic...
  4. TVRM610

    1st Class Bus Lines

    I'm very interested in the future of 1st class aka "Luxury" bus lines. I currently only know of 3, Red Coach USA in Florida - the "First Class" busses they operate offer 2-1 seating, only 27 seats per coach, and of course free wifi. Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, etc...
  5. TVRM610

    Crescent Runs Red Signal?

    Train Orders is claiming the Crescent (20) ran a red signal east of Charlottesville. Pretty serious problem.. can anyone confirm this or add details?,3489833
  6. TVRM610

    Amtrak vs. VIA Dining Car Comparison

    Maybe this should get merged back into the existing Dining Car topic.. but I thought it may deserve it's own thread. So many people seem to question Amtrak vs. VIA (which isn't completely fair.. since when we do that we are comparing ONE VIA rail train vs. several Amtrak trains.) that I...
  7. TVRM610

    No Food or Drinks in Club Acela

    So there are signs posted at the entrance of Philadelphia and Washington DC Club Acela lounges that outside food and drink are not permitted. This really annoys me. First Class passengers have paid good money and they can't bring in a Starbucks while they sit and wait for their train? Just to...
  8. TVRM610

    Coast Starlight LA - Portland

    Sitting in the Portland Station, just off the Starlight. What a lovely trip, I finally got to ride in a Parlor Car (my previous attempt had a Sightseer Substitute). I was on the right side of the train which I was happy for since that meant I could wake up to views of Mount Shasta, the Sunrise...
  9. TVRM610

    California Zephyr

    Just finished a trip on the California Zephyr and have nothing but raves for the train and crew. Really there is very little to report... Train was on time (early into Sacramento) and the crew was simply fantastic. I was in the Transdorm and Shelia, the coach attendant next door took amazing...
  10. TVRM610

    Speaking of "ADA" related complaints.

    So I'm on the City of New Orleans and a group of 4 deaf ladies traveling together missed out on eating in the diner because they didn't hear the announcements. I don't know all the details... Just pieced together the story from watching in the lounge car. But they never did get to eat in the...
  11. TVRM610

    An "App" for that?

    So there are a few Apps that I love having on my iphone when i travel on Amtrak. It made me realize.. maybe I'm missing out on other great features? What apps do you use when you ride the train? "Speedometer" - a free app that tells your current speed. Motion X - GPS - this is a cool app with...
  12. TVRM610

    Charlotte - Orlando

    Quick trip report.. I was in Charlotte NC and needing to get to Orlando and was very pleased to see a super easy route pop up in arrow. Charlotte - Cary NC on the Piedmont Cary NC - Orlando on the Silver Star Roomette was available for $147... which isn't too bad so I bought it. Charlotte...
  13. TVRM610

    Circus Train on the NEC today! (4/2)

    Heads up! I just saw what appears to be one section (too small to be the whole thing) of the Ringling Brothers Circus Train. Currently stopped between Newark International and Elizabeth. Had NS diesels on one end, 2 Amtrak electrics on the other. Pretty cool site on the NEC!
  14. TVRM610

    Where is Starlight Diner Crew Base?

    So I'm on board the southbound Starlight and this is by far the worst dining car staff I've ever seen on Amtrak. The LSA walks the train in a white hoodie (totally non uniform) and writes down your first name on a marker board and then calls you to lunch / dinner by name. Naturally there...
  15. TVRM610

    Birmingham to Omaha

    I am beginning some work around Omaha and since I had some time before work and plenty of points to burn I of course wanted to take the the train. The AGR agent would not book me by way of New Orleans so I booked my points trip from NOL and just payed coach for BHM to NOL. Crescent was on time...
  16. TVRM610

    Quick Turn on the Piedmont

    I was in Greensboro NC for work and decided to take a quick turn on the Piedmont. The North Carolina system is so great, really it is. First of all I boarded at the Greensboro NC station which is absolutely gorgeous. This is a classic Southern Railway station that is in near perfect condition...
  17. TVRM610

    Amtrak "Special" with Steam!

    So I just bought my ticket for the Grand Canyon Limited today. Was wondering if anyone else is excited about this? Departing May 14 from Los Angeles Union Station, arrives Williams Arizona for a trip on the Grand Canyon Railway to the South Rim, and then returns. This is beyond a rare...
  18. TVRM610

    Piedmont Equipment

    So I was in Charlotte anyways this week and thought I'd make a quick roundtrip to Raleigh and back. I've made this trip many times on the Carolinian but never on the "Piedmont" service. WOW! I was extremely impressed with the refurbished cars for the Piedmont. Huge picture windows, extra comfy...
  19. TVRM610

    Steam on the Norfolk Southern Mainline!

    So yesterday the Norfolk Southern Railway ran a "test" run with Steam Locomotive #630 (ex-southern coal burning 2-8-0 now owned and maintained by Tennessee Valley Railroad, Chattanooga TN) on the NS mainline from Chattanooga TN (Jersey), to Cleveland TN and return. I cannot tell you how exciting...
  20. TVRM610

    "Population Density"

    So about 90% of the time that I suggest to someone that we need more passenger trains in the USA I hear "Well you know Europe has a nice rail system but they have a much larger population density so it works for them." I honestly don't understand this argument. I have never been to Europe but...