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  1. TVRM610

    Silver Sleepers Sold out

    Anderson... i should have worded that better, when I said "drop all food service" I meant drop all food service included in sleeper fares.
  2. TVRM610

    Broadway Ltd Route being rebuilt

    Well... I don't think they have ever done that. The Broadway Limited would probably do much better financially than a train such as the Sunset Limited.
  3. TVRM610

    Silver Sleepers Sold out

    I think Amtrak is still trying to decide. If they operate the Cafe car as a Diner Lite, they can still offer full service dining to sleeper passengers. If they drop all food service they must create an entire new "sleeper only" class. That's a pretty big decision to make...
  4. TVRM610

    Silver Sleepers Sold out

    I can't remember how many sleepers were on the train but when I took the Canadian about 2 years ago there was only one dining car and coach passengers were allowed to eat in it if space was available.
  5. TVRM610

    New York Food options

    Chelsea Market?
  6. TVRM610

    Silver Sleepers Sold out

    As far as I know all Amfleet II Lounges are now set up as Diner Lite cars so the Star already has one. The question will be how the car is operated... and it could be that's what Amtrak is trying to decide right now.
  7. TVRM610

    New York Food options

    New York City has more food options per foot than any other location in the country I would think. In penn station alone there are about a dozen delis (Aubon Pan, Europa Cafe, Heart & Crusty, etc) there are several pizza places, salad bars, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Snack Carts with Pretzels hot...
  8. TVRM610

    Amtrak Cascades Dining Car

    Oh yes, I realized what the OP was referring to. I was pointing out that the Bistro cars offer more than the traditional cafe cars, they didn't switch to the standard Amtrak cafe car when the dining car service was discontinued.
  9. TVRM610

    Amtrak Cascades Dining Car

    Well they still have it to an extent, they call it the Bistro Car and it operates with 2 staff members and they have a much better menu than the typical Amtrak cafe. When I rode about 2 years ago it was an early morning train and I ordered oatmeal and coffee.... The oatmeal was dished out of a...
  10. TVRM610

    Almost First Timer Questions

    I've ridden the crescent many times out of washinton and always gotten dinner even when the lounge told me I wold miss dinner due to a lte train. (Meaning the diner stayed open late when the train was late). The crescent is more laid back than the western trains... The Sleeper attendant will...
  11. TVRM610

    Nol to nyp 20 crescent. With surprise

    I don't know what you mean by "mechanical" - yes that's sarcasm.
  12. TVRM610

    Nol to nyp 20 crescent. With surprise

    Did any Amtrak dining cars ever have automatic dishwashers?
  13. TVRM610

    Nol to nyp 20 crescent. With surprise

    The heritage diners don't have automatic dishwashers... That's the issue with using real plates correct? The heritage diners in the good ole days had manual dishwashers.
  14. TVRM610

    Coast Starlight or San Joaquin?

    I've ridden the Coast Starlight and the San Joaquin.. the answer is SO easy as far as scenery. The San Joaquin is a really boring line unless you enjoy agriculture (and some do I'm sure.. lots of fields of soon to be produce). I've never detrained at Emeryville to compare but I will echo that...
  15. TVRM610

    Tennesseans have a new Thruway Bus Connection

    There is a Nashville to Memphis greyhound that allows plenty of time to catch the northbound city. The one catch is you have to get from the greyhound terminal near the Memphis airport to downtown Memphis. There are city bus lines but I personally used Uber.
  16. TVRM610

    Capitol Limited -vs- Lake Shore Limited

    I prefer the Lake Shore for 2 reasons, I personally prefer single level equipment (just a preference, they each ride differently) and while the Capitol is poking along at 35 or so for most of the trip until past Cumberland the Lake Shore is speeding along the Hudson and even has some 110 mph...
  17. TVRM610

    Alternative sleeping configuration in roomette?

    I've had attendants (one as recently as this month) ask me specifically not to convert the room myself in order to "be safe." Not sure what official policy on that Is. I prefer they do it anyways but just an fyi.
  18. TVRM610

    Capitol Limted - "diner lite" now?

    No, the sightseer car is not an amenity included in sleeper fare. If that was true all the single level trains would be cheaper since they have no type of sightseeing car at all. I rode the Capitol in sleeper and found no issue with the value of my trip. There is still full diner service...
  19. TVRM610

    Nol to nyp 20 crescent. With surprise

    Hope Deborah is your LSA, my last trip on the Crescent was such a delight with her and her fellow diner crew.
  20. TVRM610

    Diner Cars

    SINGLE LEVEL Viewliner Diner - 48 Seats Heritage Diner - 40 seats Diner Lite - 18 seats "Diner Side" (plus wheelchair space) 32 seats on lounge side. (If used as a Diner only, the side with the 32 seats is used as well). SUPERLINER Superliner Diner - 72 seats "Cross Country Cafe" aka "...