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    Autumn Color Express returns

    Program for 2020: Unless the C19 virus claims another (business/pleasure) casualty there is this offering to consider and the make up consist getting the cars to the Huntington WV location: Cincinnati Daylight Express...
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    Amtrak's 2 for 1 Roomette Sale

    RESTRICTIONS APPLY: For 10 Days Only: Buy One Roomette and Your Companion Travels for Free Experience a getaway unlike any other with the luxuries of a private room with comfortable, spacious seating by day and two individual beds at night. Ideal for any party of two, the Amtrak Roomette sale...
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    Amtrak Private Car Destinations and Trains

    Don't know about this CP Huntington group - but the ACE folks have these to offer - using Amtrak engines and private varnish cars. I will be riding on both of these from Chicago to Huntington ACE (Autumn Colors Express) is operating 4 excursion trains Oct 22-23-24-25 Huntington to Hinton on the...
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    ACE Autumn Colors Express & Cincinnati Daylight Express

    Two upcoming events October 20 - 22-23-24-25 The Cincinnati Daylight Express - Amtrak pulling a consist of private cars from Chicago to Cincinnati and on to Huntington WV - October 20 The ACE Autumn Colors Express - again Amtrak pulling even more private cars from Huntington WV to Hinton WV...
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    Can I get off the train one station early?

    This would be no different than getting off an airline flight 1 stop early but may have problems with hidden city ticketing reservations. Also if an accident were to occur - the souls on board would have one missing from the count causing who knows what confusion to the emergency responders !