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    Brightline Orlando extension

    Love the Bell Labs building (and some of his furniture, either for that or his IBM buildings was great - not jus the famous stuff)! Lets not, this will be it for design...
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    Brightline Orlando extension

    I've never really been a fan of his - from what I understand the structural gestures cost a lot of build and are even more expensive - and difficult - to maintain. Of course, clients need to review the projects to make sure they function for their needs, which they often don't having been wowed...
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    Connecting from Amtrak to Center City Philadelphia at 30th Street Station

    One of my cousins lives a few blocks from 30th Street Station in Center City and seems happy and safe enough (of course, she grew up in Chicago, on the south side, so she can handle it - anything urban really). Though I think it's gotten, like everywhere else, a bit more on edge lately.
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    Brightline Orlando extension

    JIS - thanks for posting those photos. Looks like a nice facility, though I'm not a particularly fan of the design - I hate the carpet though it is kind of interesting in a tropical way and it seems very corporate and airport-like, which of course is appropriate because it is an airport. In...
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    California Zephyr in the winter?

    Late winter - like late February or early March would be good for snow along with longer days (your mileage probably would vary based on the winter snowfall of course).
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    Brightline Orlando extension

    Well, I just had the craziest of crazy thoughts: viaduct all those railroads like older cities, such as Chicago, did - big earthen embankments - and use them as flood control dikes for storm surges (thought they might hold water on the inside, inland side, [leeward is it? ] if not properly...
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    All About the Portland MAX (and associated Transit)

    And I obviously can't spell "strife" either.....
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    MBTA issues

    Hahahaha, I just learned about Codzilla - maybe there could be cod themed LRT vehicles?
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    All About the Portland MAX (and associated Transit)

    They obviously haven't been on co-op or condo boards - the most conflict and strive ridden organization ever (I say this as a board member).
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    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    Seems to me that a day train would be the place to start to get people used to the concept and eventually end up with a sleeper.
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    Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area service

    Is there concern that the tracks along the coast may become unusable at some point in the near future due to either sea level rise directly or erosion from seal level rise? I've seen pictures which makes it appear that the tracks are both low and close to the shoreline in places, both north and...
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    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    Metra's current update (of of 8:00 PM CST, 14.09.2022): Looks like they are going to be able to run more than was expected earlier on local news reports, which is good news for Chicago-area commuters (unless you wanted to use that as...
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    Is Amtrak allowed to have "Commuter Rail" service?

    I don't know what the length of journey requiring toilet facilities is (if, in fact, it is a requirement), however, as a historical tidbit, Metra Electric did not have toilets until the latest generation of Highliners appeared. The longest possible journey on MED is an hour and seven minutes...
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    Train car in odd position

    Track blocking in the Ukraine?
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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    Am I reading this thread right/correctly and people are talking about coaches having motors too, in conjunction with dual mode power?
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    Boston-Montréal Overnight

    This is actually a pretty intriguing proposal and if buy in on each end by the various transit agencies could be accomplished... (right?)
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    CTA Red Line extension project clears environmental review

    There's also a lot of ex-south siders who are against it for some reason - they insist that MED should be turned into a CTA line even though this actually serves more people and eliminates a lot of bus transfers.
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    CTA Red Line extension project clears environmental review

    Great news (and how did I miss the post when it was posted?)!
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    Price of New Vehicles

    I was listening to a report about how there is a prediction that in the future people will be ordering their cars rather than going to the dealer to pick one up (I can't remember if a similar though was mentioned earlier on this thread or on the other one, but it's seeming to permeate thinking...