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  1. Trollopian

    Amtrak dining

    Alas, Crescent, I've led you down the path of intemperance to disappointment. The very useful liquor store that was formerly in the food court at Union Station closed nearly a year ago. (I frankly hadn't noticed because I've been buying my tipple in my neighborhood store.) Too bad. It was...
  2. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    That's for darn sure. Of the formerly three (!) credit cards I own (now two, since Citibank cancelled one for "inactivity," the nerve), autopay was by far the hardest to set up at Bank of America. Even despite having a small checking account there, a convenience account opened because it...
  3. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    Same here. I'm enrolled in "paperless" billing but got a dead-tree bill and will probably get one more. The bill also made no mention that I'm set up for auto-pay in full on the due date. I wonder if that'll go through as usual. Like you I'll be plenty p***ed if I get slapped with a finance...
  4. Trollopian

    Connecting from Amtrak to Center City Philadelphia at 30th Street Station

    Six-term Congressman from Philadelphia. Chaired the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Budget in the late 1980s, then became part of the House Democratic leadership, serving as Majority Whip (two rungs below Speaker). Might've eventually become Speaker himself but instead resigned to...
  5. Trollopian

    Amtrak poke at SWA gets nearly 100K likes on Twitter

    And I'm loving this. (So did at least 96,899 others. Nearly 10 times as many as "liked" the Southwest Airlines tweet to which Amtrak was responding.) Mind you, a typical Amtrak tweet might get 100 or so "likes." (Count me among many who loathe Southwest Airlines, its chaotic seat selection...
  6. Trollopian

    Connecting from Amtrak to Center City Philadelphia at 30th Street Station

    Oh, you mean "dahntahn" in Pittsburghese?"Pittsburghese" Overview Turns out that this isn't a big help to me, because the host hotel for the karate tourney is nearer the 2nd St. Station and a mile from Jefferson. (No sweat on a clear day without luggage. But less true in mid-November with...
  7. Trollopian

    Connecting from Amtrak to Center City Philadelphia at 30th Street Station

    There's a related "Amtrak to SEPTA" thread at Amtrak to SEPTA? that I diligently bookmarked, 'cause I'm going to Philadelphia for the first time in four decades (!) this fall to see my great-nephew compete in a karate tourney. Yeah, yeah, you'll notice my profile identifies me as "bi-urban," DC...
  8. Trollopian

    US railroad labor issues

    Commercial- and passenger-vehicle impacts. The length of U.S. trains is one reason that drivers at some scantily-protected crossings try to "beat the train," sometimes with catastrophic results. We have threads on those.
  9. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    It's probably too early to wonder...but any ideas/tips about automating future credit card payments when the card shifts over to FNBO? Everybody's circumstances differ, but here are mine: I have a modest checking account at Bank of America, mainly 'cause it's the closest ATM to me. (Never...
  10. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    Or never. (In my experience.) Yeah, I report "missing mail" though that seems to accomplish nothing.
  11. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    I'm feeling lonely 'cause I have heard nothing about the switch, from either BoA or FNBO, by either email or snail mail (via "Informed Delivery" or actual delivery...some mailpieces disappear in between, no joke). Literally nothing, except what I've learned on Amtrak Unlimited. Am I worried...
  12. Trollopian

    Elizabeth Line and some additional bits about Transport for London

    The Queen had a remarkable worth ethic and devotion to duty and I'm glad that she lived long enough to inaugurate the new line named in her honor. Here's video from May 2022 (click through to the Guardian article;no paywall, but voluntary contributions welcome). Excerpt: "Kofi Duah, an...
  13. Trollopian

    Amtrak Board and STB Senate hearings 9/7/22 10am

    New tweet from Sen. Tester, big burly blue guy from a ruby-red rural state, and cross-posted in Trains in rural areas.
  14. Trollopian

    Trains in rural areas

    New tweet from Sen. Jon Tester, big burly blue guy with a knack for getting elected in a ruby-red rural state. "We've got to make it cheaper and more convenient to travel by train in this country—and if we do, we'll grow our economy not just in Montana, but throughout rural America." Amen...
  15. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    Very wonky concern...but I wonder what effect this'll have on AGR cardholders' FICO (credit) scores? One major factor in the score is age or duration of account. Having owned a card for a long time and paid it faithfully is a plus; opening a new account is a minus, as is closing a longstanding...
  16. Trollopian

    AGR credit card change (October 2022)

    Same here. My statement closes today.
  17. Trollopian

    Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

    This was so opposite to my experience on the Cumbres & Toltec, which was staffed by real railfans and who encouraged questions and photography, one of my life's magical experiences. (Ditto for my hosts who had to be badgered into booking the trip and couldn't stop raving about it afterward...
  18. Trollopian

    Hearing Loss is a Disability

    I just cross-posted to this thread from the broader ADA discussion at Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance. An excerpt from my comment there is below, and echoes several points made here. I applaud the addition of telecoils, but they'll only help hearing-aid users, and as others...
  19. Trollopian

    Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance

    And I belatedly noticed that Otis started a new and separate thread at Hearing Loss is a Disability. (Much of this thread focuses on physical access and mobility issues, which are certainly important, but hearing loss often gets subsumed in ADA discussions.) Thank you, Otis!
  20. Trollopian

    Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance

    Just an alert that there's a new thread, at I'm in Alburquerque and a freelance writer., in which new member Otis (welcome, Otis!) tells us that Amtrak has ordered 80 audioloop sets to improve the oft-garbled and unintelligible communications in passenger cars. Excerpt: "Since [2013], to the...