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  1. pennyk

    Hurricane Ian 2022 (effects on Amtrak)

    It appears that they have not announced cancellations for Saturday's 91 and 92. I am guessing it will be announced later today or tomorrow.
  2. pennyk

    Hurricane Ian 2022 (effects on Amtrak)

    Below is an update from this morning (I am on pins and needles about my trip on 98 on Monday): Amtrak Temporarily Adjusts Service Due to Hurricane Ian September 29, 2022 9:55 AM As Hurricane Ian approaches Florida, Amtrak is temporarily adjusting service on select routes as a safety...
  3. pennyk

    Hurricane Ian 2022 (effects on Amtrak)

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  4. pennyk

    Brightline Florida update

    yes indeed!
  5. pennyk

    Brightline Florida update

    Right now, traveling in South Florida, I believe Brightline is much better than Amtrak. I do not believe commuters in South Florida use Amtrak. They use Tri-Rail or Brightline. When Brightline expands to Orlando, I believe it will also be better than Amtrak (faster, more options, newer...
  6. pennyk

    What should Amtrak change?

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  7. pennyk

    Boarding/alighting from a car different from the car one is assigned to

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  8. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    I have a reservation on the Silver Meteor for 10/3 (the first day the Meteor is scheduled to run) and last time I checked, my reservation is still valid. (However, a hurricane could change that).
  9. pennyk

    New Member from Chicago Area

    Welcome to AU.
  10. pennyk


    Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited
  11. pennyk

    Checked baggage service suspensions - Fall 2022

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  12. pennyk

    Capitol Limited meals?

    Normally, lunch will not be served on 30 unless it is very late (and has not been for years). Years ago, they would serve an abbreviated early lunch, but stopped doing that even before they switched from traditional dining. On one of my last trips on 30, it was running very late and they...
  13. pennyk

    What happened to the Canadian today (9/20/22)?

    I was on the Canadian (from Toronto to Vancouver) in December 2011 and we were stopped for 10 hours because of a freight derailment. We ended making up a couple of hours before Vancouver and I did not miss my train to Seattle. (My fare back in using an "express deal" was $865 in a room for 2...
  14. pennyk

    Amtrak Features and Comfort Updates

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  15. pennyk

    Amtrak schedules and brochures

    I would inquire whether Rail Passengers Association (a charitable organization) would be interested in your collection.
  16. pennyk

    Texas Eagle vs Southwest Chief

    I prefer the Southwest Chief, personally. There is a fairly recent thread discussing this here:
  17. pennyk

    Greetings from California

    Welcome to AU
  18. pennyk

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome to AU
  19. pennyk

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

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  20. pennyk

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    From RPA this afternoon: