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  1. TheVig

    New York - Poughkeepsie Hudson River which side to sit on

    Wife and I are making a R/T day trip in the near future. What's the best side to sit on from NYP to POU?
  2. TheVig

    Crescent How many coach cars have they been running lately?

    Wife and I are traveling from CLT to WAS next Friday. More curious than anything.
  3. TheVig

    Complimentary Lounge Pass x6

    A couple of months ago I added the Amtrak World MC to the herd. Yesterday, my lounge pass showed up in the mail. Upon opening the envelope, I quickly noticed, I have not one pass, but 6! Somebody stuffing the envelope screwed up, or was mad at management. Thank You Amtrak!
  4. TheVig

    Need bagel shop recommendations near NYP

    My wife likes bagels, so I'm reaching out to see what everyone here recommends.
  5. TheVig

    Anyone having issues logging in to

    Can’t login no matter what browser or device I use.
  6. TheVig

    How many Amtrak gift cards can I use at once?

    Like the thread title says. Can I use more than one gift card during the check out process online?
  7. TheVig

    How many gift cards can you redeem at one time?

    When purchasing train tickets online, are you limited to how many gift cards you can use during the check out process?
  8. TheVig

    First time for wife on Amtrak

    My wife has never been on Amtrak. I booked us a day trip in August. CLT-RGH-CLT. This will get her feet wet in regards to train travel. They greater goal is to do a cross country trip via Amtrak in the future. I think she'll get hooked after this test trip. She likes to railfan in general. We...