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  1. WWW

    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    Adding to the existing EB route MKA and STV (Milwaukee Airport & Sturtevant) Hiawatha stops - - -
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    Sunset Ltd #2(07) Cancelled due to UP Accident

    What Twitter is reporting: UPDATE: Sunset Limited Train 2 which departed Los Angeles (LAX) on 9/7 will now terminate at Palm Springs (PSN) due to ongoing delays caused by freight train derailment. For further assistance please call 1-800-USA-RAIL.
  3. WWW

    Viewliners and Superliners ... what would you change?

    You are of course referencing the EB which has 4 cars to Seattle (one of which is that diner) and 4 cars to Portland (one of which is the SSL) - The split occurs at Spokane and I believe that there is limited dining services between Spokane and Portland or Seattle. As for the other l-o-n-g...
  4. WWW

    Viewliners and Superliners ... what would you change?

    Overall consider taking 1 Superliner car and reducing the size to a single level - what you are creating is almost 2 cars of space albeit closer maybe to 1 and a half. Take 8 Superliners making something like a 12 car consist of single level. Fine well and good but that lengthens the train...
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    Viewliners and Superliners ... what would you change?

    I’m up here riding the Alaska Railroad and they have a large variety of equipment from different eras and they manage to keep them running and in great condition just fine. Perhaps Amtrak can take some lessons from them? Point taken but Alaska RR only needs about 4-5 to train set consists to...
  6. WWW

    Amtrak dining

    Do I get just a dinner or a dinner and breakfast ? I am on the Cardinal #50 departing Windy at 5:55pm and arriving Huntington WV 7:00am - I am and my partner are in Roomettes - for sure a dinner is in order and there would be time for a breakfast if the diner is open around 6am - Back to my...
  7. WWW

    Rocky mountaineer consist

    Maybe best this question referred to the RockyMountaineer folks --- but it may have something to do with access between cars. Having a bi-level car attached to a single level car presents problems of going between cars. The US operation of the RockyMountaineer does not use the bi-level dome cars...
  8. WWW

    Empire Builder Trip Report

    There is a method to this consist madness - thanks for your observation - note the SSL car goes with the Portland section but is shared from Spokane to Chicago - rather awkward situation for the Portland sleeper customers - walk more than half the length of the train to the diner
  9. WWW

    How many trains run as the California Zephyr?

    True - I was counting road consists - Yes the CZ needs the 6 as well as the others for timely operation ? Train sets actually on the rails - then the spares turns at the origin stations - - - There have been times where there have been 5 - 6 sets on the rails of a specific route i.e. EB with...
  10. WWW

    How many trains run as the California Zephyr?

    To expound on mikewrite question - 4 train sets on the CZ and then 4 sets on the EB - 4 sets on SWC - 4 on the SL - 4 on CS for daily operation I don't know much of the mid-country or Atlantic seaboard train sets - But for the western operation thats 20 train sets with ?s spares turns at the...
  11. WWW

    How many trains run as the California Zephyr?

    I believe that the Empire Builder was themed for a daylight trip thru Glacier National Park in both directions - Scenery was a major selling point in train travel.
  12. WWW

    Amtrak dining

    Those balsa boxes could be mistaken for an edible taco salad if used today - A waste even more than the poly strofoam stuff -
  13. WWW

    Route Timetable PDFs returning? (2021-2022)

    Oh to have more of the phonebook size printed bible of Amtrak trains and routes circa 2016. I have one dogeared copy and wish I had grabbed more - although dated the track mileage and timing albeit a few minutes off is valid for guess-a-mating for figuring things out DIY ! At least Amtrak...
  14. WWW

    VIA Rail Canadian + Empire Builder loop trip

    Wished that this VIA = EB rail link was a complete loop by rail - but alas way too many bus shuttle taxi uber lyft connections - The Amtrak Seattle-Vancourver (v-v) is basically a bus trip - Even when the train ran it was no where making convenient cruise ship connections. Connection to the...
  15. WWW

    Protection for people in engine/cab in collisions

    Another accident to comment on - today the Capitol Limited in Maryland hit a semi-truck (the trailer end) LINK:
  16. WWW

    How does one get to the San Pedro cruise terminal from the Amtrak LAX station?

    Just make sure you are at the right port for your cruise - - - The port of Long Beach noteworthy ship the Queen Mary is used by Carnival The port of Los Angeles (San Pedro) noteworthy ship Battleship Iowa is used by NCL and others. Orientate yourself to be at either airport (LAX - Los...
  17. WWW

    Amtrak dining

    Going to be riding the Cardinal to the ACE event in Huntington WV late October My question inquiry ? When or what are the hours of the complimentary sleeping car meals ? What can I expect ? (open loaded question LOL ) Leave Chicago 6pm - arrive Huntington 7am next day going Leave Huntington...
  18. WWW

    261 Gourmet Express

    Go to and read on about this two day event (Oct 1-2 SS)
  19. WWW

    Lounge cars & Parlor cars of the past

    Pictured - there were 4 of these type of lounge/parlor cars - Cedar Rapids Priest Rapids Coon Rapids and Dell Rapids ONLY the Cedar Rapids rides the rails - with the 261 folks ( I am a Life Member with that organization and have ridden the Cedar Rapids on many trips A remarkable...
  20. WWW

    Longest flight experiences

    Literary license - not exactly over the pole or its magnetic equivalent more like bisecting Greenland - the great circle arc tends to drift further south from east coast cities and further north from Pacific northwest