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  1. IndyLions

    Cardinal (and other trains) Cafe Lounge - or Employee Lounge?

    I know this has been flagged before but it needs to stop. Certain Cardinal crews are effectively forcing sleeper customers to eat in their rooms every meal. Furthermore, they are occupying EVERY booth on the “Cafe” side of the Cafe/Lounge. This is laziness and lousy customer service. I’m not...
  2. IndyLions

    Amtrak trading favors with CP?

    Could this help progress on Hiawatha, Chicago/Twin Cities and the long putt of Detroit/Windsor/Toronto? Amtrak position on CP/KCS
  3. IndyLions

    We can get behind Corridor Service...without abandoning LD

    I was away from this forum for a few days - and after "taking the temperature of the room" something struck me. We as rail advocates (along with Amtrak) are largely cutting off our nose to spite our face. On our side, when Amtrak floats a (poorly communicated) proposal to vastly increase...
  4. IndyLions

    Sleeper 9712...Wow!

    My wife and I are in Room A of car 9712 tonight (Richmond RVR-MIA). All I can say is wow! I will make plenty of posts, pictures, etc - but if you have any questions - ask ‘em quick for the next 20 hours while we’re on the train!
  5. IndyLions

    Roomette Table Size?

    I have used the search tools to the best of my ability, but I have not found this (admittedly obscure) information anywhere in the forum. Since we now are relegated to (mostly) eating in our rooms, I thought I would bring along some sort of table covering for the Viewliner fold-down table to...
  6. IndyLions

    Amtrak Companion Sale...beware

    Most of us are not looking to travel these days, but for those who do for whatever reason, it might be tempting to take advantage of a promotion that Amtrak recently has launched – which they are promoting as their Amtrak Loves You “companion sale“… Below is Amtrak’s description of the offer...
  7. IndyLions

    You've been appointed President of Amtrak....with a catch

    Here is my premise for this thread. You have just been appointed as President of Amtrak. But your appointment came with strings and strict instructions. A huge expansion of corridor service has been approved by Congress - but in exchange for that you have to redesign the LD system to include...
  8. IndyLions

    Indy-FL trip (how would you do it if you were me?)

    Need to be in Orlando/Tampa in mid-April. I haven’t been on the Silver Service since the Heritage equipment days - and I’m itching for a train trip. Not looking for necessarily the fastest trip - so if it takes a couple days (or even 3 days) it wouldn’t phase me. I’ll probably use a...
  9. IndyLions

    Broken Down Cardinal (51)

    I’m sitting on the Cardinal just north of Rensselaer IN - trying to get to Chicago to catch the Zephyr. We’d been limping along for the past hour or so. They just announced that “a mistake has been made” and “upper management has decided to replace the crew” Not sure what that means. It sure...
  10. IndyLions

    Capitol Limited - Carry On Bicycle Service

    Does anyone here have experience with Carry-on Bicycle Service? I'm getting ready to take the Capitol Limited round-trip from South Bend, IN to Washington DC - and I see it is available for an extra fee. Because I don't fully trust everything I read on Amtrak's web site (or an Airline's web...
  11. IndyLions

    Bicycling the Hoosier State

    Back in August - there was a weekend where my wife and daughters were all out of town - and I was on my own for a couple of days. So after reading on this forum that Bicycles were now accepted on the Hoosier State train - I decided to take a day to combine my love of trains and my love of...
  12. IndyLions

    Buying Sleeper space onboard...

    My wife has expressed interest in visiting our daughter at college in VA and taking the train (Cardinal). This is something we’ve done before - but typically planned months in advance. At this late date - sleeper space is predictably nonexistent. Years ago (about 15) I was able to score...
  13. IndyLions

    Which would you take? SWC or CZ?

    I have an opportunity in late October to take either the Southwest Chief or the California Zephyr for the entire route distance, but only one way (from CHI to the west coast or vice-versa, but NOT both ways). My options are: 1. CHI-LAX departing Fri Oct 19 or 2. CHI-EMY same date 3...
  14. IndyLions

    Hoosier State Consist

    Has anybody around here ridden the Hoosier State lately? I’ve ridden the Cardinal a bunch, but ironically haven’t been on the Hoosier State since Iowa Pacific was operating the train. I’m obviously not expecting a full, freshly prepared meal on a vintage dome car. Does anyone have the details...
  15. IndyLions

    Texas Eagle cancelled Sun, Mon, Tue?

    I just tried a few minutes ago to make reservations for the Texas Eagle from Illinois down to Marshall Texas early next week (Sun, Mon, or Tue). It shows that all or a portion of the route have been canceled and didn’t allow me to make any reservations. Anybody know what’s going on? Flooding...
  16. IndyLions

    Cardinal / Hoosier State Review

    This past weekend, our family decided to use Amtrak for a weekend getaway to Chicago. Since it has been a number of years since we have taken the train, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review the experience circa 2016 vs. our previous experiences 7-10 years ago. In those days when...
  17. IndyLions

    Parking in Charlottesville

    My daughter is taking the Cardinal home to Indiana for the Thanksgiving holiday, and will be parking her vehicle in Charlottesville VA for about 8 or 9 days. Any recommendations for parking that's somewhat reasonable in cost? It looks like it could cost her as much in parking as it would in...