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  1. JermyZP

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    Metrolink and Pacific Surfliner only able to use one platform, sounds like a very tight timetable. At least it has a siding right before the platform.
  2. JermyZP

    Bid Up?

    It's it possible to see other bids from other people so I can increase my bid or I just need to make a bid amount and who ever put in the highest amount gets it?
  3. JermyZP

    Avelia Liberty Excursion?

    They have done a national tour for both the ICE and X2000 back in the 90s. They were electric trains but were pulled by the EMD F-40PH.
  4. JermyZP

    Avelia Liberty Excursion?

    Is there a possibility that Amtrak will have a rail excursion around America for the Avelia Liberty? I would like to hear your thoughts and what routes they should do if they do the excursion.
  5. JermyZP

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Talked to OBS and they said the exact same thing. During covid when service was cut back they sent the unused cars to Beach Grove shop to be refurbished. Also when I was walking through the train I noticed that the Superliner business car lights and some seats were replaced
  6. JermyZP

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Looks like california surfliners are starting to be refurbished. New seat cushions and curtains. It looks like nothing was changed on the layout and mechanical side.
  7. JermyZP

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled
  8. JermyZP

    Could Amtrak service between LA and Las Vegas be profitable?

    Amtrak connect US plan would take up to 15 years to complete. So I think brightline west would be in service when the corridor opens. If brightline west doesn't work out then that would be a 7 hour ride, base on desert wind time table, with no dinning car and lounge, just a cafe car. I'm...
  9. JermyZP

    Could Amtrak service between LA and Las Vegas be profitable?

    Amtrak has proposed a LA to Las Vegas route on the amtrak corridor expansion plan. I think that having slow services during the day competing with brightline west is not possible unless there are premium amenities. The amtrak train to Las Vegas would have to have a lounge and dining car with...
  10. JermyZP

    Does Amtrak add cars?

    Does amtrak add cars on trains that are almost sold out to expand capacity? I know that they add cars during summer for peak season but are there exceptions?
  11. JermyZP

    Brightline takes over XPress West!

    It looks like the Victorville to Rancho Cucamonga has be moved higher in priority in an agreement with California.
  12. JermyZP

    Room number on app?

    I just recently looked at my reservation on the app and it's now shows which car and room I will be staying in. But there is still a problem because I can only see it on one leg of my journey. Maybe they upload the room information on the app a few weeks before departure?
  13. JermyZP

    Should Amtrak implement Starlink on long distance trains?

    Starlink is a satellite internet service that covers a majority of the earth surface. Right now it's in beta testing but it's planning to have fast and reliable internet anywhere in the world. I think it would be best if Amtrak study a possible implementation of Starlink on long distance trains...
  14. JermyZP

    Starlight Schedule Change

    I also got notified by amtrak through a email that my trip from EMY to LA was changed to depart at a later time. From 8:20 to 8:39
  15. JermyZP

    Can the Coast Starlight route be extended?

    Is it possible for the Coast Starlight to go to and from Seattle to San Diego. There are routes on other long distance trains where the train would go into a dead-end station and then back up back onto the mainline. What are your thoughts?
  16. JermyZP

    Can flexible dining be implemented on Pacific Surfliner?

    They also do have limited stock of cafe food. I remember going on the PS train from SD to LA during the Del Mar races and halfway through my trip they had no food left and only had drinks left. So I think having a type of Acela first class meals available for only business class would benefit...
  17. JermyZP

    Can flexible dining be implemented on Pacific Surfliner?

    Right now they only give a snack box and one drink for trains running during lunch and dinner service hours. They also only give a protein bar or granola bar with water or coffee for morning trains. The pacific surfliner business cars has a small kitchen that currently can have microwave meals...
  18. JermyZP

    Could Siemens Viaggio be the next sleeper car?

    To go with the topic of this thread. Simply Railway has posted a tweet about what the new bi-level from Siemens would look like if Amtrak orders in the future.
  19. JermyZP

    Amtrak FY22 Grant Request

    During the speech at Amtrak 50th anniversary event the current administration want to give 2/3 of 10 billion dollars every year to Amtrak. That around 6.5 billion and it should be more than enough for Amtrak to replace or fully rebuild the Superliners. The future of Amtrak looks bright.
  20. JermyZP

    Amtrak FY22 Grant Request

    Do you think that if the grant get approved that they would bring back old services like morning coffee & juice to sleepers and a bar attendant at the bar in sightseer lounge?