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  1. PaulM

    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station

    I'm sure Amtrak could sabotage something if they wanted to; but self checking train-side baggage went very smoothly at the two stations I'm familiar with, Fort Madison and Mount Pleasant.
  2. PaulM

    PDX Metropolitan Lounge

  3. PaulM

    PDX Metropolitan Lounge

    By no luggage storage, do you mean no luggage room with a red cap guarding the door like the old CHI lounge, or no spot where you can dump your luggage like all the rest, at least those I've been to: new CHI, WAS, LAX, PDX, and NYP?
  4. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity

    Fixed, hopefully for a while. As always, the free QC testing is appreciated:)
  5. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity

    As I mentioned a few post above, the original version was not retrieving the correct fare page for random dates. Originally, I just threw out an error message and quit. Recently, when the problem was called to my attention, I changed it to bypass the bad date. I now see the backup version...
  6. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity

    The error message you may have seen using the original site was due to the fact that the fare page was not retrieved correctly for all of the dates. So I've redirected Amsnag to AmSnag Verson 2.02. Hopefully, the problem doesn't reoccur.
  7. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity

    I don't remember saying that I lost interest in keeping Amsnag running a year or so ago. I do remember saying I had lost interest in following Amtrak because of all the depressing changes. I've had noticed that AmSnag Verson 2.02 was much slower than...
  8. PaulM

    How and when does Amtrak decide to add cars to a route?

    Are you sure that wasn't drunks from the Herman Octoberfest? I boarded that day in Jeff City and recall meeting yourself on the platform and Alan B on the train. It took forever to get off the platform to the parking lot in Herman because of all the drunks.
  9. PaulM

    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    The videos appeared to show 4 cars before the diner. Would there be 3 sleepers in addition to the transdorm in the dead of Winter?
  10. PaulM

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    @Austruck Did you mean Silver Meteor or did I miss the announcement that the Silver Star now has a sleeper lounge with "enhanced" dining?
  11. PaulM

    "Call for price"?

    I just did a test booking STP (St. Petersburg/Clearwater) to DEN (Denver) - 4 segments. The points option did show.
  12. PaulM

    Cardinal Losing Business Class?

    I don't know about the diner, but BC on 51 appears to be sold out (unavailable?) after Feb 16.
  13. PaulM

    Cardinal Losing Business Class?

    This must have changed to the middle of February 2020. BC seems to be still offered on Feb 16.
  14. PaulM

    New Cardinal Diner

    If this is for real, then it's a major improvement in my opinion. I done the box thing several times, and only thought it a negative when comparing it to a real diner. But compared to the Cardinal version of diner-lite plus no lounge car, it sounds like a big plus. Now if they could do the...
  15. PaulM

    Trip with multiple legs of travel, paying with points and cash, checked baggage

    The OP's question seems to assume that one can't combine points and cash on the same reservation; that you have to break it into "legs". I seem to remember that when AGR 2.0 was announced, it was promised that one could do just that VIA THE WEBSITE. As far as I know, this promise was never...
  16. PaulM

    Trip with multiple legs of travel, paying with points and cash, checked baggage

    "Note the the bag check system Amtrak uses is entirely manual..." This is what I always assumed; but the "?volunteer?" at the Mount Pleasant, IA station disagreed. MTP is one of those stations whose agent was chopped in the last go round, but does have what some call baggage lite. The...
  17. PaulM

    Travelling with a bike (how to get answers)

    It wasn't an old crank, but one conductor on the Illinois Zephyr made us store our bikes in the overhead rack and remove the handlebars. When I pointed out to the conductor that the rules specifically prohibit folding bikes in the overhead rack, he replied that that only applies to folding...
  18. PaulM

    Travelling with a bike (how to get answers)

    Unless things have changed recently, the Missouri train situation is identical to Illinois. There are no bike racks. Bicycles are stored any old place there is room. It simplifies things if you can turn the handle bars sideways or even remove the pedals. You need a bike ticket and they sell...
  19. PaulM

    Amenity kit on LSL and CL?

    You do get a bottle of wine with your box, at least on the CL and for now.