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  1. andytiedye

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    Usually we get a bedroom and both sleep on the bottom bunk. Otherwise, I take the top.
  2. andytiedye

    LSL Service Change Soon & Connection Options to #421

    Do they refund any of the sleeping car accommodation charge when there is a bustitution for a significant part of the trip?
  3. andytiedye

    The airplane seat recline controversy heats up again

    Economy class on a plane is uncomfortable enough without having to sit bolt-upright for the entire flight. I recline my seat unless the passenger behind me objects. There is room to stretch out by putting my legs in the space under the seat in front of me (moving the carryon back if...
  4. andytiedye

    Amtrak Cascades, Maple Leaf, Adirondack & Via Shutdown

    The article uses words like "discontinue" which suggest that the shutdown is permanent. :(
  5. andytiedye

    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    I doubt that Trump has ever been on a train or any other public conveyance in his life. Only private jets and limousines for him and his ilk.
  6. andytiedye

    Amtrak management does not want for profit language removed?

    Anderson is running Amtrak to maximize profits... ...for Delta and the other airlines.
  7. andytiedye

    Booking Error ID: 535S

    Just booked a trip yesterday, got the lowest bedroom fare I have seen in years.
  8. andytiedye

    PTC as of 12/31/2019

    Guess we better get ourselves onto the SWC before Anderson turns it into a bus. :(
  9. andytiedye

    A Fun Boxing Day Surprise (Data!)

    Is this how they fudge the accounting to justify cutting everything?
  10. andytiedye

    Progressive Railroading Dec 2019 Article

    He figures that if we can be forced to fly instead of taking the train, we'll probably go first class, maybe even on Delta (fat chance!!).
  11. andytiedye

    Gardner article

    They are trying to push us onto airplanes. They figure that we'll spring for first class and they want that revenue going to Delta and the like, not Amtrak.
  12. andytiedye

    Superliner Bedroom Accommodations

    Two can sleep on the lower berth, though it is a bit cozy.
  13. andytiedye

    Auto Train #52, Car 5240

    Probably right behind the baggage car. That's a transition sleeper.
  14. andytiedye

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Heating up the cold noodles didn't seem to be an option last February when we had them (because they were out of everything else by 7 PM).
  15. andytiedye

    Is the City of New Orleans changing to single level?

    Don't most Viewliner trains go into/through New York City? I'm pretty sure Superliners won't fit in those tunnels. Also NYP is high platform, Superliners are low.
  16. andytiedye

    Cardinal and Ark Encounter

    When I first saw the title, I thought it must be a reference to all the flooding we have been having lately.
  17. andytiedye

    Lunch dessert

    Last time we took the LSL, they were out of all hot meals by 7 PM. Only has cold Asian noodles left. But they did have some kind of dessert.
  18. andytiedye

    Does Amtrak Add Cars to the Silver Star/Meteor for Hurricane Evacuation?

    The highways will obviously be jammed with people trying to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Dorian. Does Amtrak add capacity to the Silvers to help people get out?
  19. andytiedye

    Disappointed with meals

    At least you got a hot boxed meal. Last time we were on the Lakeshore, they ran out of those and only had cold ones left (It was February). They still had the posters up advertising the Lakeshore Limited showing a couple having a nice dinner with wine though.