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  1. Saddleshoes

    What I miss about Amtrak train rides . . .

    Great responses all! Eating my dinner as while we cross the Mississippi river. Setting in the dome car watching the sun rise over the high plains. Waking up and looking out the window to find I am in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Memphis, or ????? Buying a Denver Post with a bagel at the Denver...
  2. Saddleshoes

    Favorite snacks to bring onboard

    I live midway between 2 LD routes. I use one of 3 different stations depending on which way I am heading out. HOWEVER, all 3 stations have subway sandwich shops close by. My go to train snack is a 12 inch Subway Club Sandwich. I typically eat half of it soon after boarding and nibble the...
  3. Saddleshoes

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    I have always taken the upper berth because the rocking motion is magnified up there. I like that motion and sleep like a baby up there. My wife dislikes the motion so she gets the lower berth.
  4. Saddleshoes

    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    100% Agree! (I suspect it is directly related the the legalization of recreational pot in the state of Washington.)
  5. Saddleshoes

    Sugested trip for for 5 from Chicago

    I did exactly what you are planning when my kids were small. We went to Washington DC and stayed in a hotel that was close to the Smithsonian and only a couple of stops away from Union Station on the metro. The kids loved it. At the time my kids were small enough that we could all stay in a...
  6. Saddleshoes

    teen daughter traveling alone

    I have to share!!! I worked part-time in the Illinois Department of Corrections for 26 years. I am also a frequent rider on the St. Louis to Chicago route. I have had a number of occasions had newly released cons get on the train with me. (Springfield, Lincoln and Pontiac are most likely.) I...
  7. Saddleshoes

    Kansas City lodging?

    The Crown Center Westin (CCW) has an additional feature. The train arrives in KC later in the evening and you can walk to the CCW via a well lit, elevated, covered and heated walkway directly from the station. You don't even have to worry about crossing the street. BTW --- If you are there...
  8. Saddleshoes

    Reviews for carry-on food at your station

    GBB (Galesburg, IL) is my long route station. One block North of the station is the Landmark Cafe & Creperie. Everything there is good! However, when I am getting on the Southwest Chief or the California Zephier in the late afternoon a the Cold Turkey or Cold Beef sandwich form the Landmark...
  9. Saddleshoes

    Celebrities & Politicians on Amtrak?

    While not exactly what the OP wanted I'm going to share this story anyway. I had a friend that grew up in Raton NM in the 40's. In those days air travel was costly and unreliable. So all the movie stars traveling from LA to New York City would take the Southwest Chief. The Chief would stop...
  10. Saddleshoes

    Drug Busts On SWC

    My story is vary like yours. I travel the Southwest Chief to ABQ often as I grew up there. I have been thinking about this vary issue too. I decided if confronted I would... 1. Ask the "reported" officer for a card and to see his badge. (Confirms and ID's status as law enforcement officer.)...
  11. Saddleshoes

    Travelling with a bike (how to get answers)

    I have made this trip a many times, although not in a couple of years. There is no baggage car on these trains. You will take your bike with you onto a standard coach car. The conductor will tell you where to store your bike. It depends on the conductor and how full the train is for that...
  12. Saddleshoes

    Trouble booking Grand Jct. to Colorado Springs

    You might try the "Bustang" which is a State of Colorado only Bus service. They have 7 buses to Colorado Springs a day leaving from the bus station attached to the Denver Union station.
  13. Saddleshoes

    Hotel near St Louis station?

    YES! That's it. (Sorry spelling has never been my strong suit.) You can get there from the Amtrak Station by walking west about 6-8 blocks. Or you can hop on the Metrolink at the Amtrak Station an travel 2 stops to the Union Stations stop and them walk across the parking lot beyond the...
  14. Saddleshoes

    Hotel near St Louis station?

    I was just in St. Louis last week. The Hilton at the old Union Station is not such a good choice this summer. They have major construction going on. However, across the street to the west is the Druey Inn. The Druey Inn is an old YMCA that served the railroad community a 100 years ago. The...
  15. Saddleshoes

    Luggage storage in Chicago

    While not quite what the service was intended for... I have found that the first class hotels in Chicago a few blocks from the train station very helpful. If you talk to the bell captain they will often store your stuff for the cost of a tip.
  16. Saddleshoes

    Kansas City Union Station. Amtrak and KC Trolley

    I was going to make the same suggestion. We elected to stay at the Crown Center hotel due to the close proximity to the station and the late arrival time.  It worked great for us. Suggestions...  1) The crown center is just around the corner from the Hallmark Card headquarters.  They have a...
  17. Saddleshoes

    California Zephyr advice

    My favorite stop on this whole line is Glenwood Springs.  (I must reveal that I grew up in Colorado, so maybe I am bias.) There is a fantastic bus service in that area that can get you up to Aspen for a day of "Mountain hobnobbing" with the rich and famous.  (Be sure to have lunch in the Red...
  18. Saddleshoes

    Texas Eagle Legacy Railroads

    PaulM You are good!!! The Illinois Central owned that section for some years after the GM&O and prior to the Union Pacific.
  19. Saddleshoes

    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    A year ago I took a cab to the airport Enterprise location. I think the fare was $15 with tip.