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  1. Palmland

    Daily service (maybe)

    Oh Yea! Not on Fox? Haven’t renewed MLB
  2. Palmland

    Daily service (maybe)

    Trains newswire today posted this link to Flynn's letter to congress about the proposed funding in this bill. Some good ideas; any bets on it passing intact?
  3. Palmland

    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    I do wonder about the number of bathrooms on the VL-2. I believe it has12 roomettes and 2 bathrooms. The Superliner has 14 roomettes plus family room and 4 bathrooms.
  4. Palmland

    Amtrak Hubs

    Yes, West Point, and I took advantage of it several times transferring from Southern’s Pelican to L&N’s Georgian, as well as those railroads Dixie Flyer and Birmingham special. But, far more likely, as you and Traveler mentioned, is the much larger natural hub of Atlanta. There, the first step...
  5. Palmland

    Alton Brown went on an Amtrak Rant ...

    My wife and I enjoy his TV shows. Gotta like a cook with a real sense of humor. Would love to see what would happen if Amtrak gave him mandate to come up with a quality, appetizing, and healthy menu but within a budget and constraints of a mobile and poorly staffed kitchen with limited commissaries.
  6. Palmland

    Amtrak Hubs

    I’ll nominate Jacksonville as a hub because it used to be. Both the Meteor and Star used to split there for west and east coast sections operating via Orlando and Ocala and the Palmetto originated there. In the future that split would be between west coast trains via Orlando and east coast via...
  7. Palmland

    Silver Star changes?

    Good info, Seaboard. So true about Amtrak marketing, or lack of. If Amtrak was interested in preserving the Star’s traffic base, how about on the days the Star doesn’t operate using a Thruway bus for the straight shot on I-20 that includes Camden and takes only a 1.5 hours and connects to the...
  8. Palmland

    Silver Star changes?

    They could use Amfleet coaches (there aren’t any Viewliner coaches). But I just find Superliner coaches more comfortable.
  9. Palmland

    Silver Star changes?

    Yes, could be just a couple superliner coaches including baggage-coach. Also run a connecting thruway bus or two from Rocky Mount to Raleigh and Columbia when the Star isn’t operating.
  10. Palmland

    Best stopovers on the CZ -- and other CZ questions

    Absolutely agree about Glenwood Springs. Enjoy the hot springs there and recover from your coach experience. Then, for the real Rocky Mountain experience, rent a car from Enterprise and take the great circle trip. From Glenwood Springs take the scenic back road route to the spectacular mountain...
  11. Palmland

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    I think the issue is far bigger than Amtrak's meager food offerings, at least in the era of Covid-19. I suspect all travel will encounter the same prepackaged, tasteless, processed food we now enjoy on Amtrak. We just returned from a road trip and spent two nights on the road staying at our...
  12. Palmland

    Auto Train Roomette Sale

    I got the same offer and live in the Carolinas. Maybe targeted to former A-T riders?
  13. Palmland

    Service Reductions effective October 1

    Perhaps Amtrak is hedging their bets. Maybe they want to see how strong bookings are before reducing service and changing reservations to a reduced frequency schedule. Or, more likely, it could just be one hand not knowing what the other is doing.
  14. Palmland

    Atlas Obscura and the Great Migration, by Rail

    On one of our trips to grandparents in Tennessee I remember My mother was having a long conversation with the porter (no one used ‘attendant’ in those days.) Turns out he was from the same small town near Nashville where we were visiting. They had a great conversation and he was so proud to have...
  15. Palmland

    Atlas Obscura and the Great Migration, by Rail

    You could always count on the old movies having at least a brief railroad scene. I enjoy the Thin Man movies because the dialog was so good, often witty always well done. Not so much today with so many being the bang em up shoot em up techno style. Working two summers In South Carolina during...
  16. Palmland

    Amtrak SWC statement

    I agree, especially if it could be an indicator of potential traffic for a LaJunta to Pueblo or Denver train. But, I do wonder how much of the Raton bus traffic was connecting East and West on the SWC.
  17. Palmland

    The Olympian Hiawatha, The Empire Builder, The North Coast Limited

    Yes, a good agent was a lot better than any computer system, especially for those who aren’t familiar at all with the routes. On one trip the tickets, including rail and Pullman accommodations, unfolded to about 5 feet and included six railroads. All it required was one call to our friendly and...
  18. Palmland

    What will the LD network look like in FY 2021?

    Well said, GML. It is unfortunate that a medical issue has become a political one. But that die has been cast. We can do our part by not participating in that polarizing discussion. Let's talk about the LD network, and leave the mask discussion to the politicians who are all pretty clueless.
  19. Palmland

    AGR Bonus Points

    Got this tonight in an email. Not about an AGR point bonus but certainly is a bonus if you travel this summer. Lounge access with Mastercard
  20. Palmland

    What will the LD network look like in FY 2021?

    Now there's an idea. Wouldn't it be cool for Amtrak to 'borrow' the Canadian equipment and run it on the CZ. But, I'm afraid that's just us railfans talking. Certainly the Cardinal is a train that could be reconfigured and return to a Superliner operation with a couple coaches and a SSL...