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    Restore Passenger Service to Southern Montana?

    The county that Helena is in has almost twice the population of Butte. In fact I am surprised that back in the 70s they routed the North Coast Hiawatha via Butte instead of following the route of The Mainstreeter through Helena.
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    Why not remote agents for many unmanned stations?

    Years ago back in the 1990s Amtrak had a plan to implement Video ticket machines on the Pere Marquette route. The system was being developed by a company that made ATMs and would have had a video link to an agent at a manned station. IIRC the system would have also had control over station...
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    Amtrak's Online Presence

    Assuming you are not being sarcastic, 1-800-USA-RAIL, is Amtrak's toll free reservation number
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Just as price comparison, on my last trips on the Lake Shore and Capitol (before the downgrades) on a per night basis I was paying about the same for a roomette as I paid for my last transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2. And that includes the 80% single supplement that Cunard charges. So...
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    #21 (8/9-10-11) absolute hellish mess

    Just a small correction, while the CAB did grant regional carriers more lucrative routes with the idea of weening them off federal support, much of the local service routes received direct federal subsidies as shown here in Frontier Airlines 1977 annual report...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Or if you purchase a membership or a day pass.
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    Rumor: Amtrak/MTA/CDOT ownership swap

    NY and CT purchased their portion of the line from Penn Central in 1969 with the deal closing in 1971.
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    Detroit to Windsor

    You will see MCS as the Bus comes up I-75 from Toledo. If you don't have a car, take a taxi or the Q Line from the Amtrak station to the Renaissance Center and get the tunnel bus to Windsor...
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    Sunset losing Diner?

    Last Automat in New York closed sometime around 1991 I think.
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    Amtrak FY 2020 Budget

    In addition to the changes in the border crossings, the Canada Southern route that the Empire State Express/Niagara Rainbow used has been almost complete abandoned. Here is a link to the timetable for it.
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    Indiana proposed budget zeros out Hoosier State funding

    Not so sure there is significant student market at Rensselaer any more. The only school in Rensselaer was Saint Joseph's College which closed in 2017. That said the former NYC route to Kankakee is now a short line and would likely need a major amount of upgrades to bring it back to passenger...
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    Ambitious Restoration and Redevelopment at Chicago Union Station

    Some of those hotel rooms look absolutely tiny.
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    A comparison breakfast

    I should also add that as far as I could tell it looked like the service staff consisted of three people, two wait staff and I assume one person in the kitchen.
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    A comparison breakfast

    Though it is hard to tell from the photo the tomato in question was cooked.  It was the one thing left on the plate at the end since I have no interest in tomatoes until they have been made into various forms of sauce.  I am however a fan of blood pudding, and both it and the white pudding were...
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    A comparison breakfast

    It's actually a pot of tea.  The trip takes about two hours.
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    A comparison breakfast

    I apologize for the blurry nature of this photo, didn't realize it was blurry until too late.  Anyway this is breakfast in First Class on the Enterprise service between Dublin and Belfast.  A full Irish breakfast,  served on china at my seat.  All was freshly prepared in the dining car and was...
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    Richard Anderson replacing Wick Moorman as Amtrak CEO

    Should be noted that before Grinstein was at BN/BNSF he was CEO of Western Airlines which merged with Delta in 1987.
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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    At $40 for a boxed meal I would be expecting something more along these lines But then I have expensive tastes.
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    Cash Free On-Board - Open Discussion

    Personally while I use cash for most small transactions, I see more advantages for Amtrak to go cashless on board. You reduce the opportunities for both theft and the chance of money just being lost, or the infrastructure needed for handling and securing cash. Now how big of impact this would...
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    JFK to Hartford, CT

    Take the Air Train/LIRR to Penn Station and take Amtrak direct to Hartford. She may need to change at New Haven, but most likely is faster than taking Metro North.