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    Anderson to AA? link on an Amtrak site? 😆 I have seen everything. But seriously, I would think Anderson still has a no compete clause to work at any major airline.
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    California High Speed Rail is in trouble..........I know, shocking

    To beat this dead horse, apparently the California politicians want to take the CHSR money and use it on commuter projects, or just not spend the money on a vanity project when the budget is suspected to have a $50 Billion shortfall...
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    GML is right about the new California car, the Prius is so 2010s.:) So many here think the Siemen's coach is most likely candidate for the Amfleet 1s. We will see, still think the NEC is getting DMU/EMUs.
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    FRA announces more than $300 million grants$300-million-in-state-of-good-repair-grants North Carolina finally gets new equipment. North Carolina — Piedmont Intercity Fleet & Infrastructure Investments Project Phase II Up to $80,000,000 North Carolina Department of...
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    Alstom making progress on Acela 2 contract The new set has already been tested at speed.
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    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station The Marshall Depot board was pleased to learn, on Monday, Amtrak’s plans to restore the service. “On May 19, we received a phone call from Amtrak...
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    Amtrak chase videos.............

    In this day and age when some people have been home for months, here are some Amtrak chase videos that will bring a smile to your face. Put on your favorite background music and enjoy. And who is big Mo?
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    Big post over on trainorders, supervised no one here mentioned it here. MODERATOR NOTE: this new thread was merged into the existing thread on the same topic
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    Overpowered short consists

    Makes sense, but the Texas Eagle which routinely pulls 5-7 cars and yes there are some mild grades. The same can be said of the City of New Orleans which has a single unit. Is there a reason the Cap Limited pulling 5 cars have two Genesis? I think there more to it than your simple explanation.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Got it, thanks
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    Overpowered short consists

    With many of the LD getting shortened consists, many are still using two units on five and six car trains. Why? The SWC can't make 90 with one unit and five cars?
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    Amtrak loco in Texarkana

    On another site, it states the unit was involved in a crossing incident.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    I do not know that, though it held up well after hitting a cement truck. Its mostly for cosmetic and quick fix after accidents. Genesis had the same setup.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Except for the state units, Brightline,Via and Amtrak will have bolt on noses.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Looks like Amtrak's loocmotives will have the same nose as VIA's
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    Michigan trains late!

    There must be some bureaucrat over the cutting of checks to Amtrak in the Michigan state government. One would think the Michigan government or any state government cutting checks to Amtrak would insist on at least on times service. If the CEO of NS got a terse official letter from the Michigan...
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    Charger Led #5 involved in Crash with Concrete Truck near Reno

    At least they can drop the locomotive off at the Siemens factory for some bodywork, along the way to Oakland.
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    Alstom making progress on Acela 2 contract

    Looks better with the skirts on.
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    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    What was the reason for the Mars light?