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  1. Kenneth

    When is the C bedroom booked

    I have 5 sleeper rides coming up. On all of them I got room C. I was wandering if it is the last room to be filled?
  2. Kenneth

    Any travel concerns to consider? CHI to CTTL

    Thanks for the information. I am interested the scenery & riding the full route in both directions.
  3. Kenneth

    Any travel concerns to consider? CHI to CTTL

    Looking for time on the train. This trip will be about 6,000 miles.
  4. Kenneth

    Any travel concerns to consider? CHI to CTTL

    I am looking to travel from Chicago, IL to Centralia, WA. I can get a single ticket via the South West Chief with transfer in LA to the Coast Starlight. Arrival delay into Centralia is not a concern. My understanding is if there is a connection problem, Amtrak is responsible for getting me to...
  5. Kenneth

    Shortest/Cheapest rides in Amtrak

    CDL to DQN. $3.00, 21 min.
  6. Kenneth

    Long term parking price in STL?

    Does anyone know if it's still $6 per night parking in the fenced-in lot in St. Louis?
  7. Kenneth

    Sleeper Prices- WOW!!

    While checking prices to go round trip St. Louis, MO to San Antonio, TX. I got a roomette cheaper booking Chicago to San Antonio. Round trip.
  8. Kenneth

    Question regarding planned trip from St. Louis to Reno

    I don't like such a close connection. I'd leave STL on the earlier train, I think it leaves at 0430. I have done this for all my long distance trips out of Chicago.
  9. Kenneth

    Points For Completing Survey

    I have earned about 500 points since July. My biggest thing would be time to complete. It always seems longer than they suggest. I have a lot of the 5 point ones, but also a number of 30, 40 & a 100 point survey.
  10. Kenneth

    Problem updating Amtrak account details online

    I understand your frustration when a computer is not working. I have never had to show my NARP card, but I don't know if the Amtrak system checks the number against the NARP roster. It seems like it just needs to see a number in that field.
  11. Kenneth

    West coast route not available after booking

    Thanks for the replies. I checked my ticket. It does not say muti city. In the upper left it has PDX > KCY. I thought I found it on first to see if it was a valid booking. I did call to book since it is a sleeper on points. Leaving PDX on Oct 27th. . Just planning ahead in case I...
  12. Kenneth

    West coast route not available after booking

    If it makes a difference, This is a single point redemption, not 2 separate ones.
  13. Kenneth

    West coast route not available after booking

    I booked a trip on points from PDX to KCY. I am scheduled to leave PDX on CS to LAX. Spend the night at my expense then leave the next day on the SWC to KCY. I tried that routing today to see if the price may have changed and it only shows one option. A transfer at SAC to a bus, then a segment...
  14. Kenneth

    Disillusionment with Amtrak sleeper perks

    I did a trip on CONO Tuesday. Had Rion for an SCA southbound. He was excellent. But the food was disappointing. Last round trip was a couple years ago & it was very good.
  15. Kenneth

    Jackson, MS

    I am doing a points run to Jackson. Arriving on southbound CONO, leaving that evening. Any thoughts on things to see near the station. Does anyone know if the station is a comfortable place to wait?
  16. Kenneth

    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge

    I had four trips through the lounge on August 1st and 2nd. Found the new lounge to be very nice. Boardng process went pretty smoothly. Down the hall past the restroom turn right and takes you down to the area where the gates are. We able to go right out to the train for business class. This...
  17. Kenneth

    Points for shopping at the amtrak store

    Does anyone know if the Amtrak company store participates in the points for shopping program?
  18. Kenneth

    Southwest Chief Trans/Dorm sleeper

    I had a trip in the trans dorm a couple years ago, and it was very enjoyable. Not much traffic, quiet.
  19. Kenneth

    Dawdling in St. Louis on #22

    I have had 3 trips into STL from the south on the TE. We arrived late every trip. Latest was arriving around 10:40 am.
  20. Kenneth

    Northbound CONO broke down.

    All they told us was the engine lost all power.