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  1. Just-Thinking-51

    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    With the opening of the Orlando parks is Florida still having a quarantine?
  2. Just-Thinking-51

    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    The police have set up road blocks at state lines, but it a hit or miss thing. Seem the politicians are not too serious about it. As for train travel have not heard any issues.
  3. Just-Thinking-51

    Service Reductions effective October 1

    My trip on the Sliver Meteor on August 2nd has become a trip on the Sliver Star. Per the email today. Whole trip has now been cancelled into 2021. Not sure if 2021 is a good idea, but it’s something to hold on to.
  4. Just-Thinking-51

    More Night Trains for Europe So yes this pre COVID but still all the different players getting involved in sleeper trains.
  5. Just-Thinking-51

    Future of Air Travel

    No sorry. The time to rebuild passenger rail will be longer than the time to reboot the airlines.
  6. Just-Thinking-51

    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station

    No jobs for station personal posted. One thinks they will be bagged handling. However some of those station were destaffed due to lack of people to fill those positions.
  7. Just-Thinking-51

    Amfleet Is purchased by Excursion Operator

    It more interesting that Amtrak is going to be fixing them up, before they start working.
  8. Just-Thinking-51

    Airlines being upended

    Loaded those converted aircraft is going to be a pain. Fingerprinting ever box, no forklift, no roller boards. A lot of time, or a lot of people in close contact.
  9. Just-Thinking-51

    Airlines being upended

    Flying of goods was always expensive. The increase in demand just shows another problem with the Just-In-Time supply chain. Sure a lot of C-5 galaxy aircraft sitting around awaiting orders. If and when there needed.
  10. Just-Thinking-51

    You've been appointed President of Amtrak....with a catch

    Why do these threads all have the long distance trains getting cut?
  11. Just-Thinking-51

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    Are there any passenger on board? Does anyone ride any train right now?
  12. Just-Thinking-51

    Strange Incident at Flagstaff 4(3)

    If you get put off the train you normally get to meet the local police. Since there was no police when the train arrived. One things she was getting off at her stop.
  13. Just-Thinking-51

    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    A derailment to the rear of the train would be a suspect track defect. The front of the train can get over the defect, as more cars travel over it the defect it get worse. At some point the train drops off the rails and in this case rolls over. Not always a railroad fault. The SWC derail and...
  14. Just-Thinking-51

    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Auto Rack are tall and long they are not the best railcars due to there center of gravity to begin with. When pulling a long train you group the empty cars to the rear. This way the engines will not “torque” the empty cars off the rail. Pulling power, a string of empty, followed by loaded...
  15. Just-Thinking-51

    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    If the train was not full, the empty auto racks would be at the end of the train. To place loaded cars behind a string of empty cars is asking for trouble.
  16. Just-Thinking-51

    Unusual Fare System on Empire Builder

    How far in advance do you book? Amtrak was playing around with the buckets. At 11 to 5 months before your travel date the ticket was at full bucket price. Then the price dropped to demand buckets into the train departs. Some routes have had this occur.
  17. Just-Thinking-51

    Software update later today.

    🥴 Too many smiles...
  18. Just-Thinking-51

    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    Wonder who killed it? Crews seem to like the same day turn around. One thinks the mechanic people were not happy with a quick turn. Operation should love one set of equipment getting available.
  19. Just-Thinking-51

    Is the Montrealer coming back or just the Vermonter?

    No to both. Montreal is now in final design planning for the new custom pre-clearance. With a schedule build date of 2021. No planned overnight service by anyone, other than the railfan community. With a small chance of the Vermonter returning to Montreal some day.
  20. Just-Thinking-51

    New Swiss mountain tunnel to open 2020

    Get the trucks off those roads is well worth the funds. Hope they enforce it. As for the Express Train going by tunnel, that will be interesting to see how the ridership works out.