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    City of New Orleans routing

    The CNO making a connection to a Kansas City - STL - Centralia - Carbondale - Nashville. That could be an extension of the proposed Nashville - Chattanooga - Atlanta train that would connect to the north of ATL Crescent both ways. Now you have CHI - Nashville / ATL service and once enough...
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    Daily service (maybe)

    If the bill is passed too late then Trump can pocket veto it.
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    Alstom making progress on Acela 2 contract

    - Amtrak Equipment Procurement Update – as of 6-16-20: On the Acela: The first Trainset is at Pueblo at TTCI for testing. It has reached speeds up to 165 mph on the test track. The second Trainset has done a few early runs out of Philly a couple of times and has reached 125 mph. There are still...
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    Way to cut down losses on long distance trains

    Amtrak to Brightline Orlando ? Very bad idea!. Let us take if it happened as soon a Brightline gets to Orlando. You then have a route from about sand Lake to Orlando Airport about 15 miles. That means Amtrak has to either back in or out back to the main line. Wastes 40 minutes if there is...
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    Good & Bad News

    Demand exceeding supply ? Is supply being held down or is it about pre Covid-19.
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    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    Friend took an old one with the flat wire and sewed it into a bandanna. Works great.
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    Alton Brown went on an Amtrak Rant ...

    Way too many cooking shows on tv. Just ways to get all of us staying at home isolating from Covid-19 FAT!
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    Amtrak Hubs

    Chattanooga was once a hub for SOU RR and connections to the NC&StL. including a thru Pullman to Nashville.
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    Way to cut down losses on long distance trains

    seaboard":: A correction The train did not go to Knoxville ( way out of the way ) except a few times when the route from Harriman - Citico junction was blocked. Harriman - Chattanooga was all the CNO&TP leased RR. City of Cincinnati owned. Chattanooga was quite a delay prone as it was 8...
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    Way to cut down losses on long distance trains

    Actually it ran from CHI, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, + a connection from a STL Huntington, trains. All those cities had thru car connecting at Cincinnatti
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    Downeaster host railroad for sale?

    Since NH does not support the fares should be at a minimum what the fares are for Maine boarding. ie NH passengers pay Wells - BON fare
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    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    Michigan man. Agree. However the death rate for each age group or even each age is even more important. I think a good compromise would be groups of 5 years broken down by sex.
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    Amtrak Hubs

    Atlanta ga airport is certainly a hub city. However it has change dramatically from its original functions. When the new terminal was opened approximately 60 - 70 percent of all boarding were connecting passengers depending on the season. The terminal was designed for that metric basically...
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    Meltdown on 94

    Tongue in cheek. Where would the engineer have to blow the horn anyway, Have ridden from WASH - NYP with no horn blowing not even the starting two toots.
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    Amtrak CEO live stream broadcast Monday

    Winter travel low ? What about one to two weeks before Thanksgiving to after New Year's ? That is as big as the summer rush. I'll admit that it is lower until spring breaks and Easter but then rapidly increases. What is needed is a week by week comparing traffic broken down between the...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    There may be a large demand for sleeper space ?
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    Amtrak Hubs

    Raleigh was a very big hub and the airport built new terminals , concourses. and a new 10000ft runway. Also a 12 foot tall deer exclusion fence. Then AA and others pulled out. Now have no idea what they are doing to finance all those "improvements"
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    Service Reductions effective October 1

    actually running them completely full will cost some what more.
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    It’s Time For America To Get Serious About Fixing The Trains

    IMHO fixing Amtrak trains will take a number of fixes. 1. The big problem especially short term will be Covid-19. However we can expect that it will fade rather fast by 5 years time. This belief comes from the reason that scientists have had any luck to develop a vaccine for its 2 cousins...
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    Amtrak Hubs

    what about WASH as a hub. Certainly all LD trains except the Capitol travel thru WASH. As well many regionals also pass thru WASH. If in 10 - 20 years Atlanta becomes a hub many of the LD trains will pass thru and not terminate at ATL..