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    Effect of Amtrak ending LDT's w/o PTC on 12/31/18 on reservations

    Thank all of you for your suggestions on my question about should I cancel my CONO and CZ reservation due to possibility that Amtrak LTD's without PTC may end by 12/31/18. I could quite probably change my travel dates to November/December provided it's not too late to get a reservation. What...
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    Effect of Amtrak ending LDT's w/o PTC on 12/31/18 on reservations

    I have a reservation on both the CONO and California Zephyr in early January 2019 for a return trip home. After reading Amtrak is ending LDT's that don't have PTC by 12/31/18, does that mean passengers should cancel their reservation?
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    If CZ #6 late into Chicago and miss CONO #59 questions

    I plan to board the CZ #6 in Reno January 6, 2019 and arrive in Chicago on January 8 at 2:50 p.m. then board connecting train CONO #59 leaving Chicago at 8:05 p.m. Having noticed that the CZ #6 has been late enough at times that I could miss my connection to the CONO #59, I am now concerned...
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    CZ from Reno, NV to Chicago and Chicago to Newbern, TN question

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I have traveled the CZ to and from Reno numerous times and always gone into Chicago and caught the CONO. However, I must admit that the new Amtrak website is not user friendly for me. For me it has made it more difficult to use--but that's just my take...
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    CZ from Reno, NV to Chicago and Chicago to Newbern, TN question

    I noticed on the Amtrak website when I tried to make a reservation on the CZ from Reno, NV to Newbern, TN on December 1, 2018 that it appears that I would have to get off the CZ at Galesburg, IL on December 3rd at 11:41 a.m., board a bus at 5:05 for Champaign-Urbana, and leave Champaign-Urbana...
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    Alliance OH station parking

    I live in Tennessee, drive to a very small town called Newbern TN and park at the Amtrak station. Station is unattended and only a flagstop. I have left my car there for two weeks and my car was there--safe and sound when I returned to Newbern. It is a very small town and police station is...
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    Newbie with another question1

    I asked a question today about bustitutions riding the CONO from Newbern, TN to Chicago, IL and back. I received several positive answers that a bus would take me to Newbern, TN if there was a problem with the train while en route. However, I failed to say that Newbern, TN is a flag stop with...
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    Question about bustitutions

    I have ridden the CONO several times from Newbern, Tn to Chicago. I park my car and board at Newbern, Tn. I have never had a problem when there had to be a bustitution fortunately. However, I have noticed several of them this year. My question is, if there were to be a bustitution between...