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    12/10 Auto Train #52 Late

    We are heading for FL on AT today. Arrived at Lorton only to find out NB AT is very late. Will not arrive in LOR till 2:30 OR 3. Any idea why? Thanks!
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    Train speed.......historically speaking?

    Just curious if anyone knows what speed trains traveling during the "golden age" of passenger rail? I guess that would be the 1950's. The reason for asking is that we were on train 98 (Silver Meteor) last night and the train traveled at about 78 to 80 mph most of the time. But there were some...
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    Transport Companys' handling of Daylight Saving Time

    We will be traveling overnight this coming Sat., 11/9, and that will be when DST ends. Someone will be picking us up in BAL. Will our arrival time as per the schedule be accurate (excluding any delays of course)? Thx
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    Train 98, Car 9811

    We have booked a bedroom on a trip for Nov. 6th on train 98 to BAL from Florida. Will this be a new Viewliner car? Thanks!
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    Silver Star Equipment

    Working on a FL trip and will be taking the Silver Star from DLD to BAL. Does the Star use the new sleeper cars (I think they are called Viewliner II)? Thanks!
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    AutoTrain Booking One Way

    I've been trying to check availability of the AutoTrain to FL, one way only. But for several days it does not allow that option for some reason. Is it just me or have others noticed this? Thanks!
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    Track Condition

    Is it just me or are track conditions deteriorating? I’m on the northbound Silver Star and it’s been a rough ride. I have a roomette so as if trying to get some sleep. A few times last I was almost thrown out of bed, the lower berth. And a few time it seems like the wheels hit hard against...
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    Silver Star Cancelled Today (11/12/20)

    I received notification that the Silver Start has been cancelled for today I was traveling from DLD to BAL. I was rebooked for tomorrow. Just an FYI! I guess the main concern would be flooding. Am I correct?
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    Is Silver Star still running?

    I've traveled the Silver Star between DLD and BAL often. I like the hours of the Silver Star because it gets into BAL in the late afternoon. I know there have been some changes to the timetable but it appears as though the Silver Meteor is the only option. Am I missing something or is this...
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    Auto Train Meals

    I am considering taking the Auto Train within the next several weeks. I have a few questions relative to dining during this pandemic: 1. Are "standard" meals being served? 2. If so, what is the seating arrangement (social distancing)? 3. Is there an option to eat your meals in your sleeping...
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    Disappointed with meals

    We are on the Capital Limited to CHI. The meal service last evening (and this morning) were extremely disappointing. It was more like a box lunch, albeit warmed. Prepackaged hard boiled eggs? What happened to meal service? My wife said had she known this was the meal service we would have flown...
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    New Member Info Requested (re Santa Fe, NM)

    Hello, I'm a new member here so be easy on me if I asked a few dumb questions. Wife and I are thinking of a trip to Santa Fe. But it appears that the SWC doesn't stop at Santa Fe. It looks like the closest stop is Lamy or Albuquerque. Is there a place to rent a car in Lamy? Or should I go to...