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    Roomette Inventory and Pricing

    I think I've read here and elsewhere that when a room is cancelled, it goes back into inventory at its original price. After doing a little reservation change today, I'm not so sure about that. A friend of mine and I are catching the Empire Builder next Sunday from Chicago to Minneapolis/St...
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    Bag Storage in WAS?

    Used the search function but couldn't find an answer. Here's the dilemma. I'd booked a trip to Boston for this Tuesday into Wednesday. Leave is at premium so I had to fly this time to and from BWI. Then I get a call back on a job application I submitted in Washington and I have an interview...
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    Nice MSNBC Article

    Don't know if this was posted before, but spotted it while looking up a few details of the UA/CO merger...
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    Starwood "Direct Deposit"

    After looking into the Westin for a May California trip, I discovered I could earn CO miles or AGR points in lieu of Starwood Points on a 1:1 basis with each individual booking. Since I knew it would be years before I'd ever even possibly earn the 5000 point threshold to do a lump sum change...
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    Continental One Pass

    I probably should have heeded some of your calls about Continental previously, but better late than never. I have to travel to a conference in Phoenix later this month, and Continental came up as the cheapest way there, so I went ahead and booked the ticket. Only a couple days ago, it dawned...
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    Can you write in your AGR# on a ticket?

    Had a friend add me onto a sleeper reservation, and he apparently has the ticket in hand. He didn't have my AGR number when he did this, so at the moment, the ticket is missing any AGR #. I was curious if I might actually be able to neatly write my AGR number on the ticket in the allotted...
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    Railroad Crossing "Fail" Unreal!
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    End of the Orient Express Not sure how regular this train was - some of the photo captions give the impression that it ran annually, but an interesting if somewhat complicated read.
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    NEC Power Outage

    Apparently, according to the Baltimore MTA site, there is a problem disrupting all NEC travel between Washington and New York. Sadly, this looks to be shaping up to be like the meltdown of a few years ago. Those travelling the corridor should be warned.
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    For AGR S, 2000 points in 12 weeks.

    As it stands now on 10/3, I'm 1978 points shy of AGR Select without a single reservation in the system, and it seems I'll have to plan now to find a way to crack the barrier again, IF I think that it's even worth it. It would seem the realistic bare minimum with which I could accomplish this...
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    Southwest Chief Los Angeles to Chicago

    Worked some new mileage in for myself in using the Southwest Chief from Los Angeles to Chicago departing Thursday 9/24. Overall, it was definitely a trip to be remembered positively. Though I did get one heck of a sore throat by the second day from the combinations of higher altitudes...
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    1st Class Lounges versus Daily Service

    I've seen a few sentiments expressed of how it great it would be if all sleeper trains had a dedicated first class lounge. Consider this, though: Operating 1st Class Lounges on the Eb/CZ/SWC/TE/SL/CoNO/CL/LSL/SS/SM/C would equate to the need for roughly 34 additional staffed cars in service at...
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    Book(s) - When the Railroad Leaves Town

    While looking for some information on the SAL abandonment following my Raleigh trip, I stumbled across a link to this book. Sounded intriguing so I mail ordered a copy of the Eastern Version to read on a future trip. Anyone read either of these two issues?
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    Jets on Rails

    After alighting the Silver Star at 4:00pm at Baltimore from a nice weekend in Raleigh, I headed out to catch my #11 bus where I noticed 5 Academy coach buses waiting on the bridge just above the bus stop. Minutes later, the doors of Penn Station open to reveal a steady stream of mostly males...
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    Adding a Leg for one person on a reservation

    I've booked with a friend of mine on the SWC in September going from Los Angeles to Chicago. For my friend, this is fine, as he lives there. I still have another several hundred miles to get home. I looked into different alternatives, and would sort of rather not spend $125 or more to stay...
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    Got my Select Packet today

    Looks almost the exact same as last year's packet with the same styling to the card. The main difference I notice is that you now get one additional class upgrade coupon (3 instead of 2) but this coupon is in the place of the magazine subscription coupon that few actually used for its intended...
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    Getting to Emeryville Early to Check Bags

    Hey All, I have a San Francisco-Portland trip planned for late March. Though I did concede to taking the flying cattle car to SF and from PDX thanks to a great rate, I did decide to use the Starlight to get from San Francisco to Portland. Thing is, The AmBus picks up at 9pm in San Francisco...
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    I finally rode the Piedmont

    After three tries to get to North Carolina to ride the Piedmont, I finally succeeded this past week. I actually took this train twice, once from High Point to Raleigh, then the next day from Raleigh to Durham. Had the same crew both times which had a VERY pleasant Conductor who really handled...
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    "But Planes aren't subsidized!..."

    I've seen some rail forums have big debates on how rail is "subsidized" but highways and air are not. Here's one very obvious example of how those planes are subsidized too:,0,213831.story
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    Carolinian Truncation?

    I've looked both on Amtrak's site and NCDOT's site ( and don't see any mention of a disruption, yet when I explore booking a Carolina trip from Charlotte to Baltimore on 9/18, all that comes up is the Crescent. 9/19 offers the Carolinian, while booking a RGH-CLT trip on the weekdays...