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    Project to replace the LAB in Albany

    Who builds something, what they decide to build, and how it is maintained differ widely everywhere. The Brooklyn Bridge dates to the same era. It is still going strong. Many bridges, both road and rail that are a lot newer have failed or been replaced. The Forth Road Bridge only lasted 40 years...
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    Amtrak public Board Meeting (12/1/22)

    A few of the ones I go to have very tight provisions on adds and changes to the nominations and process/timeline for agenda items but must have flexibility for special circumstances. Usually, there is a provision to take a nomination or item if approved by 2/3 vote, and it is not uncommon for...
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    Amtrak public Board Meeting (12/1/22)

    When large public corporations send out annual meeting and proxy notices, they will always include the disclaimer about other issues, it is important, in that it serves as a notice to those who may not be attending that issues can be voted on that were not in the original notice and will be...
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    Amtrak Cafe service, vending machines etc. discussion

    They are still very much available, but only in the regular boxes
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    Westbound CZ Transdorm: Room H or Roomette 17 for a newbie?

    They don't happen all the time. People don't tend to report "nothing happened" The greatest likelihood is that you will have a great time. But having a stopper in your bag from the 99 cent store that you may never use is not the worst thing.
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    Westbound CZ Transdorm: Room H or Roomette 17 for a newbie?

    so, the end result is you will be in the same car, one upstairs, one downstairs.....
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    Assigned seats on the train?

    It also differs when you are at a station with a gate and/or escalators. They may bring/send passengers early from the gate, but then encounter the lift or bridge plate issue at trainside.
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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    There are limits placed on shell design based on whether it is monocoque or body on frame.
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    Westbound CZ Transdorm: Room H or Roomette 17 for a newbie?

    Pretty sure the H room becomes available for sale if it is not reserved for its intended use 14 days out.
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    Amtrak features and comfort updates

    Yes, that is a good description. I use it occasionally when I set up a meeting for speaker and projector wires, it is available from most places that sell AV or photography stuff I use BH photo, but even the Home Depot near me has it. But the HD just had the big rolls.
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    Westbound CZ Transdorm: Room H or Roomette 17 for a newbie?

    There are a number of videos online where you can see the spaces in question. Make sure you look at superliner, not viewliner.
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    Booking an Accessible Bedroom

    One thing that people often fail to recognize is how different disabilities present different challenges and assisting one may make it more difficult for another. I remember post broken hip, the difficulty my mother had with many toilets because they were set low to ease transfer. At home we had...
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    Booking an Accessible Bedroom

    I'm assuming you mean "on the lower level," and your point is well taken - as long as those people don't need to use the stairs, any lower level room should suffice. There might be a rare exception where it might be difficult to use the restroom,
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    Keystone discussion

    Not sure if they are still available for lease, but even if they were, unless it was for a long enough term, and permission to add the wi-fi base equipt was secured, you would still need to haul the cafe. There have been stories circulating about modifying some HHP-8 to use as control cabs, but...
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    Booking an Accessible Bedroom

    It is released for sale to all if it is not booked by a passenger meeting its regular criteria. I think it is 14 days out but am not 100% sure. If it isn't available as on online booking, call.
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    Sunset Limited and Phoenix

    My sister lives in Chandler, but last time out I took the SWC to Flagstaff and took the shuttle to Phoenix. My brother in law was flying out on business, and I was taking his car, so shuttle to the airport was great. SWC was everyday instead of 3 days a week, calling times were better, and...
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    No BC on the Coast Starlight (temporarily?)

    At this time there are no single level 2+1 cars, so it would involve adding an additional AM2 car which they don't have any great surplus of and blocking a seat on one side. There is a real question of whether all those added seats would actually sell. If the car is half empty, you are...
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    FDA rules in cafe?

    That was a few months back, I believe that was cut/pasted from the Service Standards Manual not the website.
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    No BC on the Coast Starlight (temporarily?)

    It may well be a nice step up for some passengers, but that does not make it a good business decision to provide it.