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  1. J

    Texas Eagle vs Southwest Chief

    Which train is better to take from CHI to LAX Texas Eagle or Southwest Chief
  2. J

    Texas Eagle from CHI to LAX

    Well, thank you to everyone for the feedback. This trip has been on my bucket list for awhile. I am in the hospitality business and usually fly and stay in hotels. I love my Amtrak trip from NY to Pittsburg. I do that trip (the 46) 12-15 times a year. I see it will be an adventure on the...
  3. J

    Texas Eagle from CHI to LAX

    Sleeper. Roomlette
  4. J

    Texas Eagle from CHI to LAX

    I am about to embark on my journey from Chicago to Las angels on the Texas Eagle. Any advice? Food or Beverage I should bring. WiFi I need to know about or anything else.