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  1. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    Here's a look at PDX>SEA and PDX>SPK for Sunday, December 11. Gas prices are easing and we're in the low gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nevertheless, trains are selling out. Here's the PDX to SEA line-up as of Wednesday night: 0800 FB $29 0820 AT $66/SO 1020 FB $39 1045 GL $26 1200...
  2. Willbridge

    More Greyhound cutbacks

    In November 2022, as reported in "Various Short Trips Around the Willamette Valley," Greyhound Lines discontinued serving Salem, Oregon. Salem is the state's capital city and ODOT had recently renovated a station for them. Four buses a day now call at Woodburn, half an hour north of Salem. In...
  3. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley:

    Sometimes they've temporarily discontinued service while changing agents or stop locations, which is why I re-checked their information. It's been going on for long enough to seem "permanent".
  4. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley:

    The Oregonian website has a positive article about a family trip by transit and intercity bus from Portland to Cannon Beach.
  5. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley:

    An added note about the Salem and Woodburn service: since you launched this series, Greyhound Lines has discontinued service to Salem, abandoning the charming station built for them by ODOT. Now all I-5 trips stop in Woodburn. Flixbus runs only PDX<>SLM<>CVI<>EUG once a day, so Amtrak at SLM...
  6. Willbridge

    L.A. Times tries Coach travel LAX>SEA

    In addition to extra cars, an extra train has long been needed, except for the period between mid-January and mid-March. In the meantime, at peak periods a Thruway bus between Eugene and Sacramento would fill up. The fastest ever Greyhound schedule between SF and PDX was 13 hours, including a...
  7. Willbridge

    All About the Portland MAX (and associated Transit)

    Portland Railway, Light & Power photograph from 1918 in downtown Vancouver. The guy with the leather gloves is the motorman, the man in the middle is the conductor, and the young fellow at left is the fare collector. They could schedule a Limited in the days before streets were jammed with...
  8. Willbridge

    Advice for planning an Empire Builder trip

    To represent those of us who are in major cities on the transcon lines, you might consider an eastbound trip ending in St. Paul. Fly home from there on a late afternoon schedule. (There's still a chance of a weather foul-up.) That would leave MSP<>CHI for a later trip.
  9. Willbridge

    Long trip, a few questions

    One tip for sleeping on the bus. If it has seat belts, use them. I've discovered that I will sleep better that way, possibly because it eliminates muscles subconsciously tightening up on curves or if an adjacent passenger slips into your space. And afterward, contact your legislators about...
  10. Willbridge

    L.A. Times tries Coach travel LAX>SEA

    Reporter experiences Coach class food and restrooms on Train 14, discovers the joys of food delivery from local restaurants. (Pay wall limits number of free reads.)
  11. Willbridge

    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    I pulled out a 1963 Milwaukee Road schedule and found that Train 5 departed Chicago at 10:30 a.m. and Train 2 departed St. Paul at 12:40 p.m. Aside from glamorous equipment, the former Hiawatha service had many connections at Chicago. The new train has few connections but is in a far bigger...
  12. Willbridge

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    I enjoyed your trip and glad that you mentioned Brad, who sets a good example for all the conductors on the Moffat line. A couple of add-ons: In Denver, Rte 51 buses run very directly from the W-Line station at Sheridan Blvd. to Sloans Lake, which beats walking up from the LRT line. I was a...
  13. Willbridge

    Amtrak public Board Meeting (12/1/22)

    It's amazing how much excitement may be generated by a line on a map. Check with Putin about that. Seriously, there are trains and buses running now or that have run that began as lines drawn on a map. What the lines on a map don't show is how long it might take for the line on a map to...
  14. Willbridge

    Who in the world are you?

    You might be interested in my PowerPoint slides from a field trip for ColoRail in the 2008-9 study of the Pioneer:[email protected]/albums/72157668130775833 There are some photos of the Pioneer on page 2 of the album.
  15. Willbridge

    Airport Shuttles

    Denver's A-Line is back to its standard service levels after four weeks of single-tracking for MOW work. The R-Line, which connects the southeast metro business parks with the A-Line at Peoria Station, is...
  16. Willbridge

    Amtrak features and comfort updates

    I use gaffer's tape from a photo supply store. It works like it's supposed to if one is careful. When Dark Territory was filmed in Denver Union Station it was supposed to be Oakland Union Station (Yes! Dream on, California.). The Regional Transportation District system map would have spoiled...
  17. Willbridge

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    Living in Portland, Oregon we rarely saw Connies or B-25's. By 1960, though, DC-6's were available for charters. I think this was the Nixon campaign, as seen from the open-air observation deck at the Portland airport. One advantage of the DC-6 was that when PDX was closed by fog, flights...
  18. Willbridge

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    My first trip to Europe was in May 1969 in a C-141 from McGuire AFB (Fort Dix) to Frankfurt Rhein/Main. I had the window seat if there had been windows, with ten-abreast seating. The uneventful daylight flight was run by a New Jersey reserve crew on a Saturday. "What did you do on the...
  19. Willbridge

    Airport Shuttles

    Well before 9/11 there was an air check in counter at the San Francisco Hilton for buses to SFO. When DIA was planned, there was talk of having a check-in at Denver Union Station. That evolved into the rail station level check-in and baggage check at the airport itself.
  20. Willbridge

    Amtrak Cafe service, vending machines etc. discussion

    The SP automat cars had a two-man crew. They kept the car clean and dealt with (numerous) breakdowns. Customers hated it. In the same era, the NP cafeteria car on their PDX <> SEA train had a two-man crew, with a third at peaks. Customers liked it. Freshly made sandwiches were tasty. Train...