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  1. chertling

    Southwest Chief Derailed in KS 03/14 early AM

    Confirmed: Amtrak's "Track A Train" map shows 4(14) northeast of ABQ on the official route, as opposed to the detour route. They must have made quick work cleaning up the accident site.
  2. chertling

    Southwest Chief Derailed in KS 03/14 early AM

    It looks like the detour may be short lived... #4 is sitting in ABQ now, but shows as "On Time" for Lamy and all stations down the line EDIT(s) - Fixed spelling, corrected train number.
  3. chertling

    Checked Baggage at NYP

    I used a similar trick when on a multi city trip (KCY-CHI-WAS-PHI-NYP-BOS-WAS-CHI-STL) several years back. Each day upon arrival in a new city, I'd retrieve my large suitcase, swap a day's worth of clothes into my backpack, put the prior day's dirty clothes in the suitcase and immediately...
  4. chertling

    Luggage question

    Checking the bags for transit from NYP to WAS on Sunday morning and picking them up when I arrive back in DC Sunday night would be ideal... However, the train I'm taking doesn't have baggage service, my bags would be on another train. The only NE Regional to carry bags runs in the middle of the...
  5. chertling

    Luggage question

    Oops... forgot to log in!
  6. chertling

    Luggage question

    I'm taking a trip to NY this weekend via Amtrak. I know you can check bags from NYP to WAS via the overnight regionals, even if you are traveling on another train (I've done that before)... but is it possible to check your bag to WAS from NYP via one of the Long Distance trains? I know the...
  7. chertling

    I love the opportunity for extra train time but

    If you are arriving on a weekday, you would also have the option of connecting to the VRE Commuter Rail #303 at Alexandria. Arrive ALX via Silver Star at 2:40pm Depart via VRE #303 at 3:57pm Arrive FBG at 5:09pm VRE Fare is $10.40 for ALX-FBG If you miss #303, additional VRE Trains bound...
  8. chertling

    Where do you spend most of your time on a Amtrak trip?

    If I have a window seat, I tend to stay there... but if I am stuck with an aisle seat, I spend as much time in the Cafe Car or SSL as possible.
  9. chertling

    Gathering day 2

    Tonight's westbound MORR had a much smaller group of drunkards get on in Hermann (around 40). So far, only one arrest, but we still have a ways to go. That did get the attention of the group in my car... after that, they became much more subdued. I had a great time and hope to see you all...
  10. chertling

    Major Colleges Not Served by Amtrak

    True... but SO Close... The shortest route given by Google Maps between KSU and the Topeka station is 54.9 miles.... less than 5 miles outside of the OP's 50 mile radius.
  11. chertling

    Major Colleges Not Served by Amtrak

    I would have discovered the joys of train travel much sooner had Amtrak served Nashville! Instead, my journeys home from Vandy ('97-'01) were all via Southwest Airlines, or a nine hour solo drive.
  12. chertling

    New Amtrak route through Central IL?

    It looks like you managed to catch the detoured Texas Eagle... due to track work between Springfield and St. Louis, you can expect to see Amtrak's Texas Eagle passing through Sidney periodically over the next few months. The exact dates are: September 1 – 8, 2010; September 16 – 24, 2010...
  13. chertling

    Three Rivers???

    When riding the Missouri River Runner back from Kirkwood yesterday, I noticed that some of the posters in the Cafe Car were VERY out of date.
  14. chertling

    rare sighting

    Not sure what they were doing in Michigan.... but KCS owns the railroad formerly known as TFM (now known as Kansas City Southern de Mexico... yes, they really were THAT un-original when picking a new name), so seeing the two engines together isn't unexpected.
  15. chertling

    Unlucky Day For Missouri River Runner

    Dang... not a good day. I heard about the first incident on the radio this morning on my way into work... They mentioned it on the traffic report and stated it was a "Car vs. Train" accident, but at that time they didn't mention that it was Amtrak. Given the location they mentioned and the...
  16. chertling

    Cleveland Amtrak Station

    Since this has been brought back up... I will add one other item regarding the RTA Waterfront Light Rail. AlanB was correct that it doesn't operate during the "Normal" Amtrak arrival times. However I found out first hand a few months ago, thanks to a very late Capitol Limited (7AM on the...
  17. chertling

    SWC Stations Where You Can Mail Postcards

    Well, you mentioned Kansas City already, but making KC even more convenient is the fact that there is a post office in the station (yes, it will be closed when you pass through Westbound, but there should be a dropbox)
  18. chertling

    Trip from Chicago to Ottawa - choices

    If you choose to transfer between Amtrak and Via in Detroit/Windsor, you also have the option of taking the "Tunnel Bus" which is a Windsor city bus that crosses the border into Downtown Detroit. Since you are arriving late into Detroit, this means staying overnight in Detroit before catching...
  19. chertling

    Transportation Certificate

    I have an Amtrak Transportation Certificate, that was issued to me due to the delays on my recent trip to Washington. I had a few questions for my fellow members on the redemption of it. My neice has been begging me to take her on a train ride... can I use the certificate to purchase tickets...
  20. chertling

    Kansas City Station

    The public transit system in KC is pretty limited, especially after 6PM. Guest's sugguestion of taking the bus would work if you were arriving on a Weekday via the Eastbound SWC or the early MORR (Train #311) However, if you are coming to KC on the Westbound SWC, on the late MORR (Train #313)...