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    What should Amtrak change?

    I feel like everybody already mentioned the things I would like to see changed, namely better frequency, more routes, and marketing the train better. A cheaper sleeper option would be nice too. Beyond that, I would start getting into fantasy territory like wishing Wilkes-Barre had passenger...
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    Trying to figure out which cancellation policy would apply (CL -> Pennsylvanian -> Thruway Bus)

    So I am once again planning a trip to Milwaukee, this time in early November, and I am thinking about taking Amtrak for the return trip home instead of flying like I did in 2018. The Hiawatha ticket I need to get to Chicago would be separate since I am thinking about doing some sightseeing...
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    BC gone on the LSL after July 2?

    Welp, there goes my plan of getting on at ALB or SYR and riding business class to CHI. I actually have been looking at doing a trip during the first week of November to Milwaukee and that was when I first noticed BC was gone on the LSL. While I lucked out during my 2018 LSL trip and had no...
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    Who is drawn to flying?

    I'm not a avgeek, but I guess you could say I enjoy flying. There are things I don't enjoy though like having to arrive 2 hours early, going through security and having to pay for checked baggage (on most airlines anyway). Still, the nicest thing about flying is how much time you save. Being...
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    Amtrak is finally coming to Scranton!

    Exciting news! If Amtrak is only doing three round trips a day that isn't a lot, but if these trips ran at times when there are no busses running, I think that would make the train rather appealing. If the train gets more frequencies, it will be competitive with Martz Trailways. It will be...
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    Chicago Union Station 29oct

    Great pics! Makes me miss CUS.
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    Update in case anyone was curious: I ended up having to cancel my trip to Milwaukee. At least I have travel credit for both Southwest and Amtrak now. Hoping I can use the travel credit next year.
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    What if every LD train was an Auto Train?

    As someone who does not drive, I would not like it if every train was like the auto train. With the current auto train, you can only ride it if you have a car or are riding with someone who does.
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    Amtrak/Intermodal Station in Syracuse

    Thanks everyone for your input. I had considered making my own thread, but then I remembered this one, so I figured I would just ask my question here, sorry if that was not the right thing to do. Some forums prefer resurrecting an old thread if you're question is similar and others don't. The...
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    Amtrak/Intermodal Station in Syracuse

    Out of curiosity, has anyone been to this station recently? Is it a safe place to wait for the westbound LSL at night?
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    Should I trust Greyhound?

    Thanks for telling me about this. I used the bus tracker last night and the bus was about 45 minutes late departing Scranton and about an hour late arriving at SYR. Not bad though, given that it was still an hour before the LSL's scheduled arrival. The LSL was running late too, arriving 36...
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    Should I trust Greyhound?

    Flix does and I looked into them to see if they would work for me, but the Scranton stop is not in a convenient location for me and the current schedules don’t really work for me either.
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    My parents' first Amtrak trip

    Great report! Glad to hear that they enjoyed the trip.
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    Should I trust Greyhound?

    That's the kind of thing I am afraid of and why I may end up going through NYP again next time I ride the LSL. Still the idea of connecting at SYR appeals to me for the reasons I mentioned earlier, so that's why I still bother to consider it. Haven't compared the two, though I'm not...
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    Should I trust Greyhound?

    Yea, the only way of getting out of the W-B/Scranton area without a car is bus or plane, so it is a bit of a transit desert. No passenger trains here anymore, unfortunately. I caught the LSL in New York before using Martz Trailways and it was fine, but the bus and train tickets were more...
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    Should I trust Greyhound?

    So, I've often considered catching the westbound LSL to CHI at SYR instead of NYP to reduce costs, but the only way for me to get there is Greyhound from Scranton. There is only one bus a day that goes directly to SYR from Scranton and it arrives about 2 hours before 49/449. I've seen plenty...
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    Dinky!! and more from Jersey and Philly, May 13, 2021

    Great trip report! Nice pictures. I'll have to look for that cheesesteak place next time I'm in Philly.
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    Yes, I think I will do WAS if I am going to DCA. After panicking and changing plans yesterday (I know I should not have panicked, but I got nervous about schedules messing me up), I currently have my Monday flight as MDW to PHL, but if Southwest has a sale again between now and October, I may go...
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    Had I known flying Southwest would be so convoluted, I would have flown American Airlines to/from AVP instead (I don’t like using United because they charge you $40 to upgrade to Economy if you want to bring a carry on bag). If I had the money I would be doing this trip on Amtrak in sleeper...
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    Wow didn’t know that. I guess I should have done overnight coach in Amtrak again. At least I know what their schedules should actually be (or at least I hope so anyway). Even the tri-weekly one would have worked out for me.