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  1. bonzoesc

    California Zephyr discussion

    Correct; the Viewliners let you put bags above the hallway, while Superliners either have the second level or the great outdoors above the hallway.
  2. bonzoesc

    FAA grounds US flights 1/11/23

    Yeah, a lot of big airports end up at this kind of operational criticality, where they don’t even want you leaving your destination until you’re on their arrival schedule and can be reasonably sure you‘ll have a place to park when you get there. And since they’re airplanes full of people you...
  3. bonzoesc

    FAA grounds US flights 1/11/23

    I'm curious if the relative similarity in airplane position reports I saw this morning (the dark line is today, the light blues are 24h ago and average over the past week) are because I'm mostly catching airplanes on the ground at MIA and international traffic.
  4. bonzoesc

    Airo - Amfleet I replacement Siemens Inter City Trainsets (ICT)

    The Vande Bharat Express is an electric multiple unit train. The "multiple unit" part doesn't necessarily mean that the wagons are easy to split up or run separately.
  5. bonzoesc

    Airo - Amfleet I replacement Siemens Inter City Trainsets (ICT)

    Yeah, "multiple units" (abbreviated DMU for diesel multiple unit and EMU for electric multiple unit) have better performance because of physics, where the amount of force you can exert between wheel and rail is based on mass, but are harder operationally because you have the complexity of having...
  6. bonzoesc

    Shippers organizing to get better service

    More trains in service. Missing the only train for the next 24h is a bigger deal than missing the third of five today, especially if all of them are shorter. PSR's big thing is consolidating trains to save on labor and capital expense, while moving the downsides of this to labor and customers.
  7. bonzoesc

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    I bought a signed copy that evening hehe, although I haven’t read it yet.
  8. bonzoesc

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    A Weekend in Denver Earlier on Friday, I’d texted my friends in Denver. A couple of them, said they were going to be busy all day Saturday, racing dragon boats at Sloan Lake, just west of downtown. Another friend, Javi, was working Saturday but not Sunday. So Saturday morning I woke up, washed...
  9. bonzoesc

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    Sacramento Nobody told me I’d have a fun time in Sacramento. Getting out of the train station at 6:30 (checked everything at the luggage counter except my wallet, phone, and rented camera) was interesting. It felt like much of the town hadn’t woken up, and while the train station was pretty...
  10. bonzoesc

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    I went to Toorcamp this year! I’ve been traveling to outdoor hacker camps every year or so since Chaos Communication Camp 2015, although there was a gap while Toorcamp 2020 became Toorcamp 2022. Since 2018, I’ve kind of wanted to turn the event into an excuse to visit friends and do some US...
  11. bonzoesc

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Just gotta size the battery system to last for a number of extremely cloudy days in a row, size the panel system to put a net gain on the batteries when the switch is as busy as it'll ever be on a kinda-cloudy day, and then double those estimates.
  12. bonzoesc

    Airport Shuttles

    MIA has Metrorail, commuter Tri-Rail, Greyhound bus, a never-used station intended for Amtrak, and airport rental cars all hooked up to the terminal complex by an APM, but none of the other South Florida airports have anything like that.
  13. bonzoesc

    I went to Ft. Lauderdale to watch a show

    I went to a show Sunday night at "Revolution Live," a venue about a block from the Ft. Lauderdale Brightline station. Since it was gonna get out late, I found a hotel nearby and went back south Monday morning. The train hall gets pretty gloomy in the evenings, but some of the visuals along the...
  14. bonzoesc

    South and Central Florida Grade Crossing elimination possibilities

    Yeah, it's not a coincidence most of the urban and suburban development in coastal Florida is right along the Flagler railroad, with decades of being used to a couple long freight trains daily. In places like downtown Melbourne I can imagine closing the busy and sidewalks there to elevate a...
  15. bonzoesc

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    If you're on the Silver Star, you're missing Tampa, Lakeland, and everything between Yemassee SC and Fayetteville NC. If you're on the Silver Meteor, you're missing everything from Denmark SC to Raleigh NC.
  16. bonzoesc

    YouTube video with major criticism for US railroads

    Alan's friend Justin Roczniak got his opinion published in the NY Times this morning:
  17. bonzoesc

    Rumors about Amtrak move to the MIC at Miami International Airport

    Yeah; either on-airport (wad of cash with wings emoji) or one of the cheaper options (and just get them to drop you off at the MIC and save them a trip through the terminal hell). For the train it's probably a wash. When Metrorail's running a normal service, both the green and orange lines seem...
  18. bonzoesc

    Rumors about Amtrak move to the MIC at Miami International Airport

    Presumably. South end of the MIC is at NW 21st Street, south end of the Hialeah yard (where it looks like there's a crossover to the Tri-Rail tracks) is just south of NW 92nd Terrace, those streets are on the 10/mi Miami grid, so about 7 miles. It's substantially longer than backing from the...
  19. bonzoesc

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Every Amtrak station except the Miami Amshack is also a Tri-Rail station (and that area's served by a much less out-of-the-way combination Tri-Rail and Metrorail station), that tracks.
  20. bonzoesc

    Boarding/alighting from a car different from the car one is assigned to

    Nobody would stop you if it’s a car passengers are allowed to get off from.