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  1. J

    No checked baggage - 66 and 67

    But there ought to be checked baggage on LSL, Boston being a major city and the terminus of an overnight LD train.
  2. J

    Date change needed - online or call?

    Change fees and cancellation fees are 2 different things with different rules. Call to make a change rather than a cancellation. If you're enrolled in Guest Rewards, call their number, for generally better service than the main call center.
  3. J

    Amtrak dining service

    Airlines don’t have the range of service that Amtrak has onboard. It's pretty hard to screw up tossing a bag of pretzels, pouring a drink, and collecting trash 20 minutes before the end of a flight. Even so, some flight attendants are more friendly and helpful than others. As for 1st or...
  4. J

    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    Nice looking bottles. They may be worth just a coupl'a bucks, but I'm jealous.
  5. J

    Crescent alternative to NOL; roomette questions

    As of yesterday, it was running VL I sleepers, which have both sink & toilet in the Roomettes.
  6. J

    Superliner trains' sleepers removal and restoration (2022-2023)

    Nevertheless, if there have been conflicting reports on plans to return the car in May vs. no plans at this time for its return, it would be nice to know from whence those reports are coming.
  7. J

    MBTA issues

    If it weren't the T, it probably wouldn't have made the news. No 3rd rail, so no real danger. They got to walk 30 yards in one of the world's oldest subway tunnels; sounds like a pretty cool adventure. Not crazy about waiting 90 minutes on the cars, though. Can't blame the T for gang violence.
  8. J

    What's this car

    Wow! And now not even a SSL. How far we've fallen.
  9. J

    What's this car

    Amtrak was running domes into the 1990's?
  10. J

    LIRR Service to Grand Central

    Anything you can name took less time than the 2nd Ave. Subway.
  11. J

    Brightline Orlando extension

    That is not a reliable source. No other site has reported it. The same site says DIsney will be allowing Guests to implant transponders under their skin to replace Magic Bands. 🤣
  12. J

    Select, Select Plus, Select Executive population

    Buying a lounge pass on points reduces your available points balance, but does not reduce your TQPs. Once you get TQPs, they're yours to keep until they're reset at the end of the calendar year.
  13. J

    Three Adults in a Family Room

    Call again, & if they refuse, ask to speak to a supervisor. If the supervisor refuses, tell them that the "Train Service Accounting Procedures User Guide, Effective 12:01am, August 12, 2019," says that 3 Adults can occupy a Superliner Family Bedroom or Superliner Bedroom for berth service...
  14. J

    LIRR Service to Grand Central

    Looks like this is the just the limited shuttle service that they first intended to start in December. I wasn't able to read any further before the paywall popped up. ETA: Here's an article in the Post (with some pretty pictures) that doesn't appear to be paywalled...
  15. J

    Amtrak continuous usage webcam?

    It's working now, but I tried the Fullerton camera and it only goes back 30 minutes, not 12 hours. And there's an ad video blocking the lower right part of the screen, which never goes away and can't be closed. If I went to full screen on the video, the ad temporarily disappeared, but so did...
  16. J

    Select, Select Plus, Select Executive population

    April doesn't count. It's a new year.
  17. J

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    Each SCA needs to be equipped with a NiftyNabber®. :D
  18. J

    Amtrak continuous usage webcam?

    Thanks! I tried going to the Railstream website. The home page came up, but every link on clicked on returned a "Not found on server" error. Maybe they're down for maintenance. Are the cameras publicly available, or only to paid members?
  19. J

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    There are heavy-duty wheelchair lifts that climb stairs (really a heavy banister rail) and can navigate turns and fold away when not in use, but I think turns require a fairly large landing for the transition. I used one at the NY Transit Museum in Brooklyn. They can even fold and unfold...
  20. J

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    With Amtrak IT programming it, that would be verrrry risky! :D