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    Splitting ticket between coach and sleeper

    I travel on the Texas Eagle between Chicago and LA. Always low bucket.I buy a separate ticket in Coach to Bloomington for $13 and switch to a roomette for the remainder of the trip saving $140.
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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    I booked the first Adirondack out of Albany on April 3rd. Two nights in Montreal and back on the 5th. I was on one of the very last ones in March 2020. Only downside is the weather. Two weeks out they are calling for snow and rain showers and a high of 40,but hotel rooms are inexpensive and it...
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    Empire Builder discussion

    Eastbound sleeper pax on 27 get the menu from the cafe car for breakfast. Last time I took 28 about a year ago a decent ham turkey and Swiss sandwich was dinner I meant Westbound on 27
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    Sunset Limited discussion

    Without a Sightseer the Capitol Limited might as well go back to single level.
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    Empire Builder discussion

    With a 9:30PM departure 48 is much more reliable than 30. I usually go to Harrisburg Pa when coming in on one of the Western trains and even though it will arrive in Harrisburg with a connection in NY late at night it’s more reliable than relying on 30 and 42 which gets in nine hours earlier...
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    Amtrak dining service

    So much for the rumors of real food returning this month. What’s the holdup? Finding chefs? Had a feeling traditional dining wouldn’t return to the Silvers anytime soon. Flex “dining” is still as bland as ever having many of them. Biggest gripe is the price of sleepers had not reflected the...
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    Empire Builder discussion

    I am on 7 heading to Portland. No sightseer car. They substituted another Coach car. Disappointing. Glad I m in a sleeper. Coach passengers are stuck in their seats for the three days and walking through the Coaches I saw many seat checks destined to Sea and Pdx. Why is this happening so often?
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    Amtrak dining service

    When the Western trains returned to traditional dining in mid 2021 the only holdout was the Texas Eagle. Without traditional dining and the lack of a Sightseer Car on a 32 hour trip the Eagle is the worst of all the long distance trains
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    Amtrak dining service

    No difference in Sleeper fares regardless of Flex or Traditional dining,which was always a sore point.I always thought with the obvious downgrade in food service,fares should have reflected that.
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    Survey Points Club

    I’ve been taking those surveys for five years,but not so much recently. Biggest hassle is taking a survey and after almost completing it getting the message “this is not the right survey for you. To thank you for your effort we have added five points to your account”. This has been happening...
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    Empire Builder discussion

    The Weather Channel gives 14 day forecasts. Of course,you just get a general idea of weather patterns that far in advance. I will be on 7 March 6 from Chi to Sea. Weather for the first week of March on that route seems to be moderating but anything can happen,especially in the winter. If the...
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    Amtrak dining service

    Poor,neglected Texas Eagle. Only Western train to not return to traditional dining and STILL no Sightseer Car. I’ll be on the Sunset/Eagle tomorrow from LA to Chicago. In San Antonio the change is akin from going to a third world country from a first world country. I had the soggiest breakfast...
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    Empire Builder Chicago to Seattle in mid-winter

    I’ll be riding the Builder in early March from Chicago to Seattle. Got a low bucket roomette. I have ridden that train in the heat of summer and depths of winter. I took a February trip many years ago. The actual air temperature was minus 23 in North Dakota. Only problem was doors freezing up...
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Bedrooms are never cheap. I find low buckets on roomettes.
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    I’m beginning a rail pass this Saturday and using roomettes to break up the constant Coach. I have roomettes at low bucket on the Sunset/Eagle from LAX to Chi,The Builder from Chi to Sea,The Crescent from New Orleans to Washington and the Zephyr from Sacramento to Chicago. The Coast Starlight...
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    I know Apples and Oranges. We booked a 12 day cruise from New York to Southampton UK in April 2024 for $1580 A year earlier April 2023. A bedroom for two on the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle 3 days 2 nights $2500
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    USA Rail Pass questions

    I recently booked the $299 pass augmented by a few sleepers and lower costing segments Question…I am on a rail pass to LA on the SW Chief. I paid extra for the next segment LA to Davis on the Starlight so I could bid up to a roomette. If my bid is accepted and train 3 misses the connection in LA...
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Many people will simply not ride Coach on a trip that is more than a day long and will pay whatever Amtrak asks for a sleeper.
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    Amtrak long distance fares 2021-2023

    Very fortunate to have found two roomettes on the EB and Zephyr at low bucket,a little over $500 from Chicago to Seattle and Sacramento to Chicago in February and March used in conjunction with a rail pass. I see roomettes for $700 plus on the full length of the Coast Starlight Southwest Chief...
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    Assigned seats on the train?

    i was on a sold out Silver Star in Coach earlier this month. When I boarded I was told to sit in one of 30 specified rows. Obviously these were seats for single travelers. At least I had a choice. I dislike being told where to sit. I have had my share of overweight and obnoxious seatmates…and...