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    Amtrak dining service

    I would think that everyone knows that new customers, brand, new customers, want to experience the food and beverage of what a train offers be at medium distance or long distance. The RPA has staff people like Maddie Butler, who create an experience that foodies want.
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    MBTA issues

    Boston is procuring 20 electric school buses that will be delivered soon and operating -once tbe operators’ training is completed as well as maintenance training. Just think of putting those buses on trucks and coupling five of the buses together making four train sets. Also, how big a deal is...
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    Auto Train discussions

    I agree that’s good seating advice. Although I am kind of a random seater - and when you’re in coach, you never know what you’re going to get ha ha. At times I really lucked out. 70% means 70% of all seats so they count couch seats (several hundred) and sleeper seats and then if you’re at 70%...
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    Maine DOT proposes $3 million for pilot of Brunswick-Rockland RDC service

    Thanks Brian, the “way-back machine”answered some of my questions. Based on way/back schedule and prices / I would definitely try the “Coastal” to Rockland at least once, never mind the cost. I’d prolly stay at the Brunswick Hotel next to the Brunswick station say on a Friday night take the...
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    Maine DOT proposes $3 million for pilot of Brunswick-Rockland RDC service

    Gee service in 2023, so soon? I instead of the DownEaster a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. My feeling is that the Budd cars are fine. Having a restroom would be an ADA plus. It’s great to know that the Rockland tracks have been maintained. On old railway system, early 1900s maps...
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    Food suggestions for coach passengers

    The Caffè offers an Asian salad and blue corn tamales that are vegan but I think everyone would like them. I know that these tamales are vegan and I would guess the Asian salad is too. The caffé has plenty more good items to offer but those two are the best. Maybe there’s some sour cream to go...
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    Food delivered to the train—ideas?

    I went to UB in the 1970s and I knew the best of Pizza, wings - and Beef on Kimmelweck (Weck) with gravy. There might be other sources of beef on Weck but I know Wegman’s has it and has hours conductive (6AM to Midnight) for the eastbound LSL. Apparently they deliver too. Wegman’s are really...
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    Food delivered to the train—ideas?

    Call me chicken, but every time riding the LSL into Albany (either direction) aromatic dishes might not be for some passengers to be near, but I would love to order from an Indian Restaurant. I thought about arranging a pick up rendezvous with one of the two or three Indian restaurants in the...
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    Discussion of Indian Railways and travel by it

    Here’s inaugural service of the Express - reporter travelled complete route down and back, partly in standard and partly in first class. Very large crowds. 1/15/23
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    Select, Select Plus, Select Executive population

    Thank you for all your comments. I’ll have to keep track of TQP in the future and TQP makes more sense now. I was surprised to see my miles travelled (11,744) shown in the email regarding Select Status - which was even more surprising.
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    MBTA and other faregates discussion

    For some people who are honest and pay their proper fair they could be bothered by having to wait in line, and go through the faregate - especially to LEAVE the station! — ALL to catch people who habitually DON’T pay their proper fare. These cheats could “make” a few thousand a year. With...
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    Select, Select Plus, Select Executive population

    For 2022 I had 11,744 miles, about 10,000 miles in Coach. In October 2022 I spent 1500 AGR points on the Metropolitan Lounge in DC - leaving me way under in points for Select Status. I was pleasantly surprised I was awarded Select Status. But no one has yet to ask about my measurements for...
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    LIRR Service to Grand Central

    MTA Release: ======•======================= My brother did engineering work on the East Side Access Project throughout its construction. Before that he worked for the MTA...
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    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    About three years ago, I considered buying a used Nissan Leaf which had about two years left on its batteries. It was a 2013 model kind of frumpy compared to today’s Leaf and this one cost a mere $13K. In 1998 I had a cool experience riding in a Honda Insight #1. During the demo, this teeny...
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    Empire Service Coach vs Business

    You’ll see the Erie Canal on the left side too. Although Amsterdam is close to the eastern end. A A
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    Electric and Hybrid road vehicles

    I would think a new EV owner would be willing to try to get a. sustainable energy supply to power their car. It might be interesting if the standard rebate that EV owners get would instead have an option for the government, to give them both cash and ownership of a very small segment, of an EV...
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    House steering committee proposes eliminating Amtrak

    I would expect a massive mail campaign would be on order as done in the past by the RPA. It’s interesting that when Amtrak was formed in 1970 that it had the backing of President Richard Nixon, who was I think a fairly bipartisan president. I actually feel that Nixon had a genuine feeling for...
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    USA Rail Pass on sale ($299 Jan 2023)

    You probably know you have to purchase a USA rail pass by January 20, 2023. And in the final details AMTRAK I think is very generous with its refund policy. Your $299 purchase can be fully refunded as long as you don’t book your trip within the 120 days. I think I also read it that even if you...
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    Auto Train discussions

    I saw the 1/13/23 Hotline Report by Jim Mathews which [RPA encourages membership but all hotlines are also available free online.] The AT and Amtrak’s image was hurt by the ridiculous “hostage … no food” comments made on National morning talk shows and New York Post. In the past, I’ve read...
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    Mesa Verde NP is mentioned but the park includes the Ancient Cliff Dwellings/.Palace. This was the highlight of my 1972 cross-country trip. I was educated about Columbus and 1492 but not indigenous homes of 400AD until MVNP