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  1. Urban Sky

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    I believe everything which had to be said about the question of pre-clearance in Montreal has already been said: i.e. if it ever comes, there would only be one facility where passengers clear customs (at Gare Centrale, before boarding or after detraining any cross-border train) and trains would...
  2. Urban Sky

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    I am well aware that moving the border checks away from the actual border necessitates the elimination of the stop in Saint-Lambert and more meant „why would they be able to insist on keeping that stop?“. For instance, the Province of Quebec certainly doesn‘t have any say in border matters and...
  3. Urban Sky

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    Why would VIA Rail or the Province of Quebec have any say in whether the train should continue to stop in Saint Lambert or not?
  4. Urban Sky

    VIA Winter service in Western Canada

    The Canadian operates backwards only when backing into the stations of Saskatoon, Edmonton and Vancouver and westbound also when backing from the Newmarket Subdivision onto the North York Subdivision at Snider (approx. 45 minutes after leaving Toronto). At all other times it will be moving in...
  5. Urban Sky

    VIA Preference 2.0 (Probable Devaluation)

    As has been pointed out to me in the meanwhile, it indeed seems like there are some temporary issues which require the payment of taxes in actual money rather than points:
  6. Urban Sky

    VIA Preference 2.0 (Probable Devaluation)

    As I’ve already written elsewhere, Im not sure why some people seem to believe that the statement that „products purchased with VIA Preference points will require the payment of taxes“ would include actual rail travel…
  7. Urban Sky

    Is the Ocean back to being all Renaissance?

    It should still be a mix, but VIA usually loads the HEP sleeper inventories only into their reservation system once the Renaissance sleepers start to fill up…
  8. Urban Sky

    VIA Winter service in Western Canada

    Except for exceptional circumstances, there always is a Skyline car next to each diner, i.e. in addition to the Skyline car reserved for Economy Class passengers and the Park car shared with Prestige Class passengers…
  9. Urban Sky

    Canadian to have "Buffer Cars"

    One just has to look at this picture of the 1986 Hinton collision to understand the merit of being as far away from the train in the (admittedly unlikely) event of a head-on collision: There was one coach, one baggage car and two locomotives in front of that Skyline car…
  10. Urban Sky

    Canadian to have "Buffer Cars"

    My understanding is that the Renaissance cars used on the Corridor can probably last until all 32 new trainsets have been delivered. VIA doesn‘t have that kind of luxury with the LRC fleet…
  11. Urban Sky

    VIA website oddity...

    I don't know what you are looking at, but these are the connections I see offered for Ottawa=>Sarnia this Monday... ... and for Sarnia=>Ottawa this Tuesday:
  12. Urban Sky

    Canadian to have "Buffer Cars"

    Transport Canada has made more than clear that the LRC cars won’t have any kind of second life after its Corridor deployment - neither at VIA nor any tourist railway. They already have to get retired progressively as we speak and independently of the question whether the delivery of the new...
  13. Urban Sky

    Taking the Parents in the Canadian

    A Cabin for 1 is just a seat to sit (at day) and a bed to sleep (at night). A Cabin for 2 is at day a comfortable lounge for two, but I wouldn’t know where to seat the third person. Maybe two adjacent Cabins for 2 would be an option for you, as the dividing wall can be removed? Check out the...
  14. Urban Sky

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    CTV News: Canada dropping travel mask mandate and ending COVID-19 border and quarantine restrictions Effective October 1:
  15. Urban Sky

    What happened to the Canadian today (9/20/22)?

    As reported elsewhere, “The Friday departure delay was caused by a rock slide at Mile 55 on the Albreda Sub.”:
  16. Urban Sky

    Will sold out escape fares become available again?

    Hallo Felix, given that Escape fares are available for every single train on every single last Thursday of the month before March 30th (and most of the time at the cheapest-possible fare of $59 in 2022 and $63 in 2023), I would assume that there is a high chance Escape fares will become...
  17. Urban Sky

    Churchill Service

    From my memory from before and during Covid, the consists were usually: F40 F40 Baggage Coach Coach Coach* Skyline or Diner Chateau Chateau* Park* With all cars marked by an asterisk (*) being only attached when deemed necessary. For instance, at peak times you might have a Diner, 2 Chateaus...
  18. Urban Sky

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    Presumably the one which doesn’t require crew and equipment to layover in Vancouver or station staff to work in split shifts…