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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    16 customers sounds like one full seating, in essence 45 mins of extra work for the crew. From what I’ve observed over the last few years each dinner time, 5:15pm, 6:00pm, 6:45pm etc is for about 4 tables (16 customers). So if the crew doesn’t want to do a 4th seating the 16 coach customers are...
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    “As I understand, they’re trying to run the diner with one chef and one LSA. No service attendant or food specialist like the western trains have.” Ouch
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Looks like Amtrak is keeping flexible dining on Silvers at least for now. “As for the possible expansion of traditional dining to the single level New York-Miami Silver Star and Silver Meteor or other trains that still offer only “flexible” meals to sleeping-car passengers, Woods says, “We’ll...
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    Amtrak Management issues

    This past congress was the most favorable in Amtraks history. Profitability parameters were removed in some cases. Unfortunately it came at a time with arguably Amtraks worse management and board in charge.
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    Superliner trains' sleepers removal and restoration (2022-2023)

    Reports are 32 car is removed off the CZ this time it’s indefinitely gone through the summer 23 at least. Downgrade emails are going out.
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    House steering committee proposes eliminating Amtrak

    Agreed 100 percent. My only concern is Amtrak has it’s worst management in its history. If push comes to shove I don’t see Gardner fighting for the network. He’s no Claytor or Gunn. Hopefully Senate language remains in place requiring status quo. That all being said, even now Amtrak has the...
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    House steering committee proposes eliminating Amtrak Page 117 Eliminate Amtrak Operating Grants and Capital Grants - The federal government has subsidized the National Rail- road Passenger Corporation - better known as Amtrak - since it was created by Congress in 1970. The...
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    Auto Train discussions Seems like everyday is day one now. Conductors telling passengers to stop calling 911.
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    Amtrak Management issues

    Well said and 100 correct in my view as well. That’s the elephant in the room Buttigieg needs to address before it’s too late.
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    No Business Class on the Coast Starlight (temporarily?)

    Refurbish a car that’s already been refurbished. Sounds about right:)
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    California Zephyr discussion

    Hyatt house is at the EMY station just have to walk out back door of hotel and walk over tracks to station. Hyatt place is in one block over still in walking distance if you have bags HH is the hotel tho. Did it in December.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    My personal opinion is Amtrak management is being disingenuous in their support of the long distance trains. They’re saying what they have to say to appease Congress. No organization can be this inept. Lucky for them other parts of the transportation system are having issues too. Time will tell...
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    Winter Park Express is back

    I have a feeling they have more baggage cars then they lead people to believe.
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    Winter Park Express is back

    Plus on the CZ Tuesday night we were treated to a 2 plus hour layover in Denver due to no legal crews, which according to the conductor happens frequently. If our train was ontime into Denver we would have had a 5 hour layover. We didn’t mind nice walk around the area but you can’t run a...
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    You’re preaching to the choir unfortunately management doesn’t see the whole picture. Now with the crazy sleeper prices, the diner is a loss leader to put it in grocery store language. If Amtrak wants repeat passengers in sleeper class they need to justify the hefty fares they charge. If people...
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    Advocacy for Amtrak Dining Car service

    Now with the 2023 budget a done deal for all intents and purposes let’s see if Gardner and company make an issue out of getting slightly less money than they say they needed to run the network. (Still a record appropriation) Lets hope they don’t use it as fodder for keeping flexible dining in...
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    Superliner trains' sleepers removal and restoration (2022-2023)

    Or just ask to be transferred to Guest relations that will be happy to change the reservation. They are well versed on the situation and I’m sure they would rather have you call now and prevent them from having to deal with you being disgruntled and or disappointed later.
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    Amtrak public Board Meeting (12/1/22)

    Was VP of LD Chester not in attendance? I watched it between other tasks. I didn’t see him but saw all the other division heads at the beginning.