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  1. Michigan Mom

    Uber/Lyft discussion

    Whether a traditional cab works better or worse than Uber/lyft is heavily location and time dependent in my experience. Do the drivers benefit from the surge premuim? I would hope so. Drivers do seem to pass on inexpensive/shorter trips. To make it worth their while I tip cash, ex. 5$ for a...
  2. Michigan Mom

    Freight Derailment disrupts Capitol Limited 2/3/23

    Basically admitting the rules for classification were too weak to begin with. Also I’m not reading anywhere that ECP brakes would have prevented the accident; instead would have been more effective in stopping the train and thus mitigated the damage.
  3. Michigan Mom

    What should Amtrak change?

    If it further enriches Elon, no thanks, forevermore.
  4. Michigan Mom

    Freight Derailment disrupts Capitol Limited 2/3/23

    The carcinogens, particulate matter and other health risks to that area aren’t going away any time soon.
  5. Michigan Mom

    Freight Derailment disrupts Capitol Limited 2/3/23

    How can they not know what chemicals are burning? Doesn’t NS have to provide firefighters with that info?
  6. Michigan Mom

    Malaysia Airlines loses contact with Flight - 239 pax/crew

    Weird documentary. Appears thorough in how they point out the flaws of every theory. But they left out several details regarding the suicide theory, such as the 41000 feet and other stuff he practiced on the sim.
  7. Michigan Mom

    The economics of budget airlines don't make sense

    Budget airlines almost never have a good business model. As much as we love to complain about the legacy carriers, they are so much better positioned to absorb shocks to the system. Well, that used to be the case anyway, pre-pandemic. After they took bailout money and failed to maintain...
  8. Michigan Mom

    FAA grounds US flights 1/11/23

    Didn't even know this happened this morning, busy. Was it just the NOTAM system that was offline? If so, that's not any kind of safety issue that should have diverted flights, if the rest of ATC and ground to air communications were functioning properly. NOTAMs are for major airport/airline...
  9. Michigan Mom

    Restroom and other experiences in Sleepers

    Finances permitting, avoiding the shared restrooms on trains is a top priority. No need to go into details about things I've heard and seen. In regards to the comments about airplanes and sports or other public venues, yes, I will avoid eating and drinking for hours in order to avoid having to...
  10. Michigan Mom

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Yes I have and I would recommend to anyone looking to stay within a budget. I wasn't solo (except for a couple of business trips) but I did it as a single mom with 2 little ones. In fact, back then the only way I could afford Chicago was to book one of the hotels along the Blue Line, near...
  11. Michigan Mom

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Chicago hotel prices still have a lot of variation but there are decent rates to be had, depending on holidays, events, etc. The week between Christmas and NY was particularly affordable this year, compared to the last couple of years. The best deals seem to be the king bed rooms at various...
  12. Michigan Mom

    Overtourism, it's not just for Venice anymore

    Great TR as always, thanks for sharing, and love your photography too!
  13. Michigan Mom

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    Follow up to my earlier posts, now that the weather conditions have abated in this region. Yes, Amtrak went to some effort to provide bus transportation to and from Chicago to points east, starting when the storm hit before Christmas and continuing through Wednesday the 28th. Passengers on the...
  14. Michigan Mom

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    The Michigan services continue to struggle; Amtrak appears to be very proactive this week protecting the trips with bus service in most cases.
  15. Michigan Mom

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    The replies to last night's Twitter updates (and early this morning) do not paint a good picture of the communications provided. Spending hours at the boarding gates in Chicago, which is of course right next to the tracks, is brutal in this weather. (Been there done that). Hopefully the in...
  16. Michigan Mom

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    Thanks, I'm looking at VIA corridor routes 64, 70,71,72. This is more of a direct comparison since they are corridor routes, like the Michigan services operating in the same region with the same weather and temperatures. Some of them are in red but an hour late is actually impressive.
  17. Michigan Mom

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    Michigan services are a mess. (Yes, the weather situation in Chicago affected many services, but I was focusing my attention on the Wolverines and the Blue Water). I wonder how many passengers hung around for last night's 354. In the advisory for the selective cancellations ahead of time, the...
  18. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak delays

    There seemed to be more Wolverine issues a couple/few days ago, this time a trespasser incident. From the Twitter alert page, they arranged for bus transportation although it took hours. Then apparently if that last train doesn't get in to Chicago they have to cancel the morning eastbound. :(
  19. Michigan Mom

    Issues with an SCA

    Crew chiefs are a great idea. So is anything where there is a supervisor type who can mediate and resolve difficult situations. Companies have no doubt gotten rid of many humans - many good jobs - once they started using the email survey tool to get customers to do the job for free.
  20. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak delays

    Will be interesting to see what results. It does sound like concrete changes of some sort are being put forth. And for that situation to have even happened, it needed to be. Although, I am personally not a big fan of passenger "bill of rights" as it can set up situations that wind up being...