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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    This is the same mistake that the early Amtrak managment made during the early 1970s when they ordered the Anf Frangeco train sets which were run between Chicago St Louis, MIlwaukee and Detroit for a few years before eventually being taken out of service for the more practical Amfleet and...
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    Yes that was my mistake as I actually did have the Airo train sets in mind and they going to be in either 6 or 8 car configurations according to what I read. I take it that the Airo and the Venture cars are supposed to be practically the same in terms of the design or will there really be any...
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    I really don't see what is good about the so called "semi permanently" coupled train sets that Amtrak has ordered. These new sets essentially will have fixed consists, meaning that to increase passenger capacity they will have to be taken to the shops to have another car or two added. It is far...
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    Freight Derailment disrupts Capitol Limited 2/3/23

    It is 2/07/23 the day after the controlled "burn" of the toxic chemical from five of the cars of the derailed train and is there any word as to when the track will be cleared and Amtrak service will be resumed through East Palestine Ohio. Will they be able to start work on the site today or is...
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    dixieland train crash guthrie ky 1957 or so

    Even though this is a relatively "old thread" I found it quite informative as I have had an interest in the Dixieland and Dixie Flagler through services to Florida for many years and I like several of you couldn't help but wonder why the Dixieland (alias Dixie Flagler) was discontinued so...
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    Question about delayed Silver Star of 10/24

    The Star left Camden South Carolina at one hour and 3 minutes late and it arrived at the next stop (Columbia South Carolina) at 3 hours and 29 minutes late). All that I was able to find out so far is that there were "Switch Problems". losing 2 and a half hours due to "switch problems" is alot...
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    Is it possible for CZ to go through Omaha - Des Moines - Iowa City - Davenport - Chicago?

    I recall that in the early to mid 1960s the Union Pacific railroad was seriously considering purchasing or merging with the Rock Island railroad however the bureaucratic process of having ICC hearings (and I'm sure that there were objections from other railroads as well.) that by the time that...
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    Thanks for the illustration joelkfla.
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    Thanks. Its good to know that the Southwest Chief is running with 3 Coaches regularly as opposed to the California Zephyr which is only running with 2. It is disgusting to see how Amtraks management is still shortchanging their long distance service. At least Anderson is gone. I still have to...
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    As of late I have noticed that the Southwest Chief has been running with what appears to be 2 sleepers next to the diner. I was wondering if the first sleeper is a regular sleeper or whether it is Dorm/Sleeper? I also noticed that the west bound number...
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    California Zephyr: consist?

    That's exactly what I was afraid of Zephyr 17. So now Amtrak is sacrificing it's ridership for "deferred maintenance". The Southwest Chief derailment I am sure hasn't helped things. Is that also the reason that the Sightseer Lounges were taken off of the...
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    California Zephyr: consist?

    As of recent I have been observing the California Zephyr on line from the Galesburg Virtual Railfan Camera and it appears that the consist is made of a Dorm Sleeper , 2 Sleepers, a Diner , a Sightseer Lounge and 2 Coaches. I have observed that consist on a regular basis so it appears that is...
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Absolutely. I really don't see why they got rid of them. They were popular and even the New York Central converted a bunch of 22 roomette sleepers into Slumbercoaches which the New York Central called "Sleepercoaches". Had the private railroads been in the passenger business a little longer...
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    There is no question that we should go back using Slumbercoaches which in my opinion it was a very big mistake to take them out of service and get rid of them. They were great cars when they were around and they made traveling by sleeper much more afordable for people who were on a tight budget...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    That's a very good point that you just made. It wasn't only the Denver Zephyr that had run with economy /grill cars either. Many long distance trains especially the ones that went from Chicago to the West Coast ran with a supplementary grill dining/lounge car. The Denver Zephyr ran with a Chuck...
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    Former Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman Dies at Age 70

    Very sorry to see this news this morning. He was a good man and also a champion of defending Amtrak as a National System  against Amtraks current misguided managment. I understand that he was Amtraks second longest serving CEO. 
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    Southbound 303 from Chicago to St Louis being held up south of Bloomington Il

    The southbound Chicago to St Louis 303 is being held up south of Bloomington because of a Police standoff with a subject who is wanted for shooting a police officer earlier in the day in Rockford Illinois. The subject  is cornered by the Police  just northeast of Lincoln Il near the Interstate...
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    Does Amtrak still have train's time keeping record on line?

    I remember that until relatively recently on Amtraks website, you were able to look up the percentage that a train was running late and it even broke that percentage down to what was responsible for the delay and that window would also name the railroads that that particular train was running...
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    Amtrak on line website and computer system down?

    I will try getting it online again as I just tried getting on less then an hour ago once and it came back with the Maintenance sign.It's been behaving that way on me the last few nights however this is the first time in day time it has happened.