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  1. PRR 60

    Splitting ticket between coach and sleeper

    Not a fare rule violation at all. The downside is no dinner leaving Chicago and, if the crew follows the rules to the letter, you will not occupy your room until after midnight (or later if the train is not on time).
  2. PRR 60

    Bedroom for 1?

    I had a sleeping car attendant on the Zephyr tell me that there was a regular CZ rider who usually bought the bedroom suite (two bedrooms with the connecting door open) as a single passenger. He would have one room set up as a bedroom and the other as an office with computer and cell phone...
  3. PRR 60

    California Zephyr discussion

    It is possible. The Zephyr has two full sleeping cars - cars 531 and 532, plus eight(?) revenue roomettes in the dorm - car 540. When a car is removed due to equipment or staff shortages, car 532 is the one that goes. You could call and try to move your reservation to 531 or 540. Or just...
  4. PRR 60

    Mechanical Solari Board to return to Philadelphia 30th Street Station

    My guess is that when (if?) it returns to 30th Street, it will be a special display perhaps rotating through a programmed loop of legacy Pennsylvania Railroad trains in the north waiting room. It was a neat contraption, but I bet that thing was a mechanical nightmare to keep working. Then...
  5. PRR 60

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    It is available on the website. Homepage, left menu listing, "View Statements". Brings up the list of available statements for download.
  6. PRR 60

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I was able to add the FNBO account to Quicken One-Step update via Express Web Connect with no issues.
  7. PRR 60

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    If the strike occurs Friday morning, Amtrak crew bases and other facilities may be subject to picketing by the striking workers. Even though Amtrak is not involved in these negotiations and Amtrak's represented workers will not be striking, spreading the pain to as large an audience as possible...
  8. PRR 60

    US railroad labor issues

    The membership of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has rejected the proposed contract. The IAM was one of ten unions that had reached a tentative settlement. So, there are now three unions without an agreement. Although nine unions have reached tentative...
  9. PRR 60

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    One FYI item: if you make a purchase now on your BoA card, then return or cancel it after the transition to FNBO, the “refund to original form of payment” will be pointed back to the old BoA card. In my past experience with change of banks like this, the credit will end up at FNBO. However, it...
  10. PRR 60

    Ethan Allen and Vermont Service

    The Ferrisburgh-Vergennes station building is not new. It was built in 1851 making it one of the older station buildings served by Amtrak. The building was moved about 1000 feet to its present location and extensively renovated in preparation for the Ethan Allen extension.
  11. PRR 60

    How many trains run as the California Zephyr?

    There is a period of each day when there are six CZ consists on the road at the same time. When the CZ departs from Chicago at 2pm CT, there is that consist in IL, another westbound in CO and a third westbound in CA. At that same time, there are three eastbound sets operating - one in CA...
  12. PRR 60

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Gee whiz. Making the maps was so much fun. 😁
  13. PRR 60

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Assuming my route assumptions are correct, this is what the diversion looks like. First image is the detail in the Schenectady area, second is the full route.
  14. PRR 60

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    I did a topomap distance of the proposed diversion route and came up with just over 47 miles station to station between Schenectady (SDY) to Albany (ALB). At 30mph that would be about 90 minutes running time. Add 10 minutes each for the three changes in direction, we're up to two hours. Add...
  15. PRR 60

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    The linked map provides a good overview of the rail lines in the Albany region. Albany Rail Map
  16. PRR 60

    CHI-Philly trip plan

    Jim's burned down yesterday. Total loss. Vows to rebuild. NBC10
  17. PRR 60

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    The Ethan Allen is wye'd at Rutland. Engine one end.
  18. PRR 60

    Pennsylvanian (coach vs business)?

    As far as I know, Business Class on the Pennsylvanian does not have pre-assigned seat like BC on the corridor. So, while you are (in theory) guaranteed a seat, if you want a good seat, boarding early would be helpful.
  19. PRR 60

    Southwest Chief derailment

    No party - railroad, government, property owner - has the authority to unilaterally install crossing protection. Any proposed improvement has to be approved by the appropriate regulatory authority. The federal DOT, which regulates railroads and sets standards for crossing protection, has...
  20. PRR 60

    Southwest Chief derailment

    Special number is 800-523-9101.