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    Traveling on the Ocean article

    Hi, Here is a link to an article written by a travel writer who rode the Ocean.
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    New Gulf Coast Amtrak service (New Orleans - Mobile, New Orleans - Baton Rouge)

    It has just been announced todaybghat an agreement has been reached by all parties that will allow Amtrak to run Gulf Coast passenger trains. Details have not yet been released...
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    Amtrak California equipment

    California has just accepted its first trainset from this joint passenger car procurement to be operated in regular service.
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    Midwest Venture introduction

    Amtrak had to reduce the number of trains on the Chicago to St. Loius route today due to equipment problems....
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    Original Orient Express - lost carriages found

    A railfan who was writing and researching the Orient Express for his college PhD Thesis found the lost Orient Express carriages. The mystery a d story are quite interesting.
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    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Amtrak has proposed new routes for its eastern trains, City of New Orleans and the Saluki trains into Chicago buy purchasing former Illinois Central tracks in Chicago and securing trackage rights from NICTD in Indiana. NICTD already has Gauntlet bypass tracks at its high-level platforms for...
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    Amtrak service cuts on Texas Eagle

    This article includes information about Amtrak's resucrion of services on the Texas Eagle. One advantage of long diatnce train travel is that one can walk around and that you are not "stuck in your seat" like riding in a plane. However apparently Amtrak appears to be forcing the train riding...
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    California HSR EIR/EIS approved

    CHSR achieved four important milestones this week including approval the NEPA document for the Mercednto San Jose section.
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    FYI, During the last two weeks of March, I didn't see any Siemens cars on the morning northbound Hiawatha train.
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    Today's morning northbound Hiawatha to Milwaukee had five coaches in the consist. The coaches included one Siemens, one amfleet and three Horizon coaches.
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    Hi, You have a good point. One observation is that the two vestibules might be a part of the passenger safety design features to better protect the seating area in case of a crash. Does anyone know an answer as to why there are two vestibules?
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    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    More cars are are arriving in Chicago Union Station. Track #1 is filling up with the new cars. Coach #4001 has been parked on the track for about two weeks, possibly for employee orientation. It was joined last night with another coach and four business class cars. (I counted them out of my...
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    Trains just posted information about some of the discussions at the Feb. 16th STB meeting. Scheduling bridge openings was suggested by the STB. An interesting quote from the article is: " .... A 3-minute response from CSX CEO Jim Foote, which began, “It’s called a pandemic,” clearly didn’t...
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    Midwest Venture introduction

    Coach 4001 was parked at the end of track #1 at Chicago Union Station the last week of January apparently for orientation and training.
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    New Seimens coach at Chicago

    Siemens coach #4001 has been parked at the end of Track #1 this week. I assume it is there for employee training, orientation, etc. Here are a few photos.
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car production, delivery, deployment

    Yes, the Nippon Sharyo had a bi-level that failed the crush test, but it is important to remember that the contract specifications a new car with less weight. Remember that the states had to change their car spacification to allow a heavier weight single-level car so that they could buy the...
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    Gateway Project/NYP capacity Improvement

    US Army Corps issued their permit today that will allow the Gateway Tunnels to be built and the existing tunnels rehabilitated.
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    California HSR EIR/EIS approved

    Thank you for your information!
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    California HSR EIR/EIS approved

    The EIR/EIS for the section from Bakersfield to Palmdale is now fully APPROVED!! :) This means that work can start on this segment of the railroad as funding is secured. Initially, land acquisition and utility relocations can begin...
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    The PTJ article states that the STB stated it would asign an administrative judge to resolve all ossues before the end of this year.