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    West Virginia Station Improvements

    At CHW, raised platform is currently under construction, and the station waiting area is undergoing complete renovation.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Today's 50 would not have a dining car since its Sunday's 51 turned at CHI.
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    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    On the Cardinal eastbound, the New River Gorge will be on the right side of the train. (On the left side is a lot of hillsides and abandoned coke ovens...) The Business Class car immediately ahead of the sleeper(s) is a converted café car, and the lounge tables can be used by sleeper car...
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    Cardinal questions

    Cardinal has a business class car between the sleeper(s) and dining car. Accessible only to first class passengers.
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    Current Cardinal consist

    Only one sleeper at this point. Second usually gets added in late spring. Not sure how truncated CHI-WAS route will affect that. Need to be on the right side to see the New River Gorge in West Virginia.(Left side view is hillsides, and a lot of abandoned coke ovens.) If your room is facing the...
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    Amtrak 50 (23) Service Disruption

    Stuck behind a nearly 2-mile-long CSX freight with three broken knuckles, I'm advised.
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    Thurmond WV: the most beautiful small station on Amtrak's network

    My favorite part of Thurmond is the town hall on the other side of the tracks that looks like and is a concrete block shed.