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  1. trainman74

    Metrolink ticket to bus subway in LA

    The short answer is, yes, you can basically go wherever you want (the exception is express bus services, but you're fine for the entire Metro rail system, as well as "local" and "rapid" bus routes). If you expand the text where it says "EZ Transit Pass Program" on this page, you'll see this:
  2. trainman74

    CA DOT Highway Webcams

    Yes, the Los Angeles office of the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the second time ever (the first time was 1989). It only applies to the mountains, though - I'm at a lower elevation where it's 50 degrees, so I'm only getting rain.
  3. trainman74

    Farewell to the Queen of the Skies

    I've heard that Braniff's orange 747s were nicknamed "Great Pumpkins." :D
  4. trainman74

    LAX connection Pacific Surfliner to Coast Starlight?

    Note for the original poster that this refers to the Santa Fe Depot (in downtown San Diego), not the Old Town station. You could check your bags if you're able to make a trip downtown the previous day, but otherwise, you'll just have to carry your bags on when you board at Old Town.
  5. trainman74

    Japan - Monorail vs regular Metro

    Along with making sure to have a penknife handy in case the ring comes off someone's pudding can, right?
  6. trainman74

    Seeking Surfliner Advice for March 2023

    My guess is that the website is, at present, assuming the construction will be complete (and full train service will be restored) by March 16th. I'm not sure I would make that assumption. Assuming the construction is still going on and you decide to take the train on the 15th: you will be on...
  7. trainman74

    Phlânerie in Philly: The greatest hits of my High School years

    I think of water ice as being something different from a snow cone -- the shaved ice is more coarse in a snow cone than it is in water ice. (Also, secondarily: water ice tends to be served in a flat-bottomed cup, and snow cones tend to be served in, as the name suggests, a conical cup.)
  8. trainman74

    July Odyssey: Cascades, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr

    Nice - I'm a fan of time travel/alternate history novels, and I really liked their novel from a couple years ago, "The Future of Another Timeline."
  9. trainman74

    Amtrak delays

    Here's a tweet from Amtrak regarding that train - I would guess they were trying to fix a problematic locomotive at Fullerton, but then they ended up going back to L.A. to swap it out.
  10. trainman74

    What have you forgotten to bring with you on an Amtrak trip?

    Pajamas (which I'm fine with sleeping in and for walking down the sleeping car hallway to the restroom in).
  11. trainman74

    Auto Train Questions (car alarms and other vehicle issues)

    Many recent car models have similar automatic-braking safety features... since the loaders/unloaders wind up driving a lot of different cars, I'm sure they're somewhat familiar with the quirks those features can have.
  12. trainman74

    Significant former routes

    You could get from Norfolk to Chicago on the George Washington (Norfolk to Newport News was actually on a connecting bus), but there were no passenger trains into northern Wisconsin by the early 1970s. The closest you could get is one of the Wisconsin stations on the route of the Empire Builder...
  13. trainman74

    Twitter trend leads to spat between BART, Amtrak

    Following up: Amtrak and BART have now "made up," just in time for BART's 50th-anniversary celebration.
  14. trainman74

    How Amtrak's viral one-word Tweet Inspired a huge Twitter trend

    Related thread: Twitter trend leads to spat between BART, Amtrak
  15. trainman74

    Twitter trend leads to spat between BART, Amtrak

    The article didn't say that Amtrak actually started the "tweet a noun related to your business" trend on September 1st with the "trains" tweet (it went out at precisely 3:00 P.M. Eastern). It's obvious to me (someone who sees a lot of Twitter) that the Amtrak and BART accounts were both being...
  16. trainman74

    USA Rail strike?

    This link should work: 3 of 12 rail unions announce tentative deal with 24% raises
  17. trainman74

    Buffalo, NY

    The recent remake of "Nightmare Alley" (which takes place in the late 1930s/early 1940s) was partly filmed at locations in Buffalo, including City Hall...
  18. trainman74

    Getting a TAP card

    I can confirm that Express Transit mode works with L.A.'s TAP cards.
  19. trainman74

    29(7/25) hit a truck at grade crossing - now what?

    For your virtual scrapbook, the Amtrak Alerts tweets that covered this situation. (As far as I can tell, they only put out one tweet about the Capitol Limited, the one that says "UPDATE.")
  20. trainman74

    Pet Peeves

    Sounds like you're referring to Danny Simmons. Some of his announcements got recorded in May 1994 by a writer who was interviewing him for Passenger Train Journal magazine.