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    Sunset times along train line

    It may not exactly answer the questions, but Trains Magazine has published in 2003 a rough "daytime/nighttime" map of Amtrak routes: (I guess most lines still run on about the same schedule 20 years later)
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    More Night Trains for Europe

    ÖBB's Bruxelles-Berlin had been planned for a while, so it's not a response to European Sleeper. It will be taking a different route: European Sleeper runs via the Netherlands, ÖBB will run via Frankfurt (and probably Mannheim) to meet and mix with the train to/from Paris.
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    More Night Trains for Europe

    Their sleeping cars have been certified a few weeks ago, and are now part of the regular consist :) This was in 2020, and only because Stena Line ceased operating the ferry route. I was lucky enough to be on one of the latest trains operated via this route in December 2019, on a schedule that...
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    Ouigo (France) "train removed" over a month in advance?

    Ouigo 7623/7624 are indeed cancelled, and replaced by TGV 8879/8818 on these days, yup. No chance to seem them "restored" (which honestly is good news for the passengers, given how uncomfortable the whole Ouigo experience is...).
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    Ouigo (France) "train removed" over a month in advance?

    Could you be a bit more specific about which trip/train exactly? :)
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    The Paris RER System

    The key part to have this kind of rail network in the US is "transit oriented development". As long as commuter train stations will mostly be surrounded by parking lots and not by actual dense housing / businesses (either offices or commercial), that won't happen.
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    Transit App adds charge

    "Royale" has been rolled-out in mid-2021. Some transit agencies have partnered with Transit, in exchange for a free Royale status for their users, Pace being one of them: Transit agencies gifting Royale to their riders - Transit Support
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    Cost of taking trains vs cost of taking other modes in the U.S.

    Wait what? Flixtrain doesn't operate X2000, that's SJ, and a 1st class ticket is at least 365 SEK (very few seats at this price, it goes as much as 1835 SEK) :)
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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    Adirondack to return in Q2 2023?
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    Cost of taking trains vs cost of taking other modes in the U.S.

    And by European standards, Thalys is very expensive... As of 2019, average long-distance fares were 0.11€/km for DB (Germany), and 0.115€/km for SNCF, but those are average: short trips have a higher cost per km, whereas longer trips have a much lower cost (especially with DB). Same goes for...
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    SPG to Bradley airport

    It's been quite unreliable over the past weeks: ASMAD - Amtrak Status Maps Archive Database - Create a Chart of Historical Amtrak Train Performance
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    Train Station at Quantico.

    You'd need to request access beforehand, which won't happen if you're not sponsored by the US government: Foreign Visitor Your driver would need to be registered as well: Food Delivery - Ride Share
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    Europe 2022

    Thanks, I had a much lower figure in mind for NYP :) Actually no, they're even, both with an average 100 kph speed on their respective routes. Speed is the same between ICE and TGV on this route, but you're right the ICE ride is more "bumpy" ^^
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    Europe 2022

    München Hbf has about 450,000 daily passengers (including about 150,000 on S-Bahn), seems to me that it's much more than Penn Station. Even slower than an Acela, speed ranges between 110 and 160 kph there, but the new 250 kph high-speed line between Stuttgart and Ulm is opening at the end of...
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Capitol Limited: Auto Train:
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    Travel from Montreal

    Oh thanks. Weird that they don't cross-sell anymore.
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    Travel from Montreal

    That was true 3 years ago, but now it's down to 3x a day (1x morning 1x evening 1x overnight) EDIT: +1x midday on weekends
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    Travel from Montreal

    Another option would be Via Rail to Windsor, then hopefully the tunnel bus to Detroit will have resumed by then (taxi otherwise), and then Michigan service to Chicago. You'll have to spend the night somewhere en route, either Toronto, Windsor, or Detroit probably. Or Greyhound bus to Burlington...
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    Roma Termini Luggage

    Ask ÖBB, given the circumstances they may offer to refund the Railjet journey.
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    Roma Termini Luggage

    Nope. Calling them is your best option there: there is no IVR menu, it just starts by telling you how long the wait is expected (17 min when I just tried), then there's a loop of pre-recorded messages until an agent becomes available. It appears that there's still a sleeper available, but since...