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  1. PerRock

    PTC "Server disruption" service issue (March 2023)

    Michigan is unique too, with our ITCS system. Although I think the issue is getting out of Chicago... once the train gets to MI trackage it's on our unique PTC. peter
  2. PerRock

    Bus from Boston to Manchester, NH?

    I used to take the bus some-what regularly from Manchester to Logan... it's been quite a few years however. It looks like Greyhound still serves the downtown Manchester bust station... but you have to order tickets online. Possibly Concord Coaches as well. North Conway is set up & billed as the...
  3. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    But looks like the same seats as coach. :(
  4. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    They're supposed to be going onto all the Midwest corridor routes, that would include the Illini/Saluki. The rollout of these cars has been extremely slow. I believe the services that have them, only have 1 consists with them on it at the moment. peter
  5. PerRock

    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    Thanks for the posting. Are all the presentations from this year's meeting posted somewhere? The site I see that normally has them hasn't been updated for 2023 yet. Peter
  6. PerRock

    Sumitomo and Siemens Caltrans/IDOT Venture order (2012-2023)

    The AASTHO just had their annual Next Generation Corridor Equipment Pool Committee meeting (as opposed to their shorter monthly ones) on the 3rd. Hopefully the information & slides will be posted on their website soon... although I had to bug them last time to get most of the 2022 monthly...
  7. PerRock

    Passengers with severe allergies?

    Well seeing as the only way to heat food you brought up is to get a cup of hot water from the cafe; I don't see how that'll be an issue then.
  8. PerRock

    Airo - Amfleet I replacement Siemens Inter City Trainsets (ICT)

    Seeing as the Venture cars have overhead displays & Amtrak is pretty much already given up using them, I wouldn't hold out hope for the seat reservation indicators being used. peter
  9. PerRock

    Airo - Amfleet I replacement Siemens Inter City Trainsets (ICT)

    The new "Amtrak Airo" trainsets: Source:
  10. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    They were primarily storing them at Beech Grove. Chicago doesn't have the yard space for the entire fleet to just sit there.
  11. PerRock

    Acela 21 development, testing and deployment

    New York has height-clearance issues, it may be that the Duplex Horizons don't fit.
  12. PerRock

    Rumors about Amtrak move to the MIC at Miami International Airport

    Strictly speaking, the Miami station is a "Amtrak Standard Station Type 300A". peter
  13. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    I don't believe they've been built and/or delivered yet.
  14. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    I believe all the coach cars have been delivered, and we're waiting on cafe, business, and cab (for WI) cars. I would think that by now the lead issue has been taken care of & that there are other issues they're dealing with, but Amtrak (and the DoTs) have been very tight-lipped about what the...
  15. PerRock

    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    I'm surprised to not see anything from Metra about the strikes, seeing as a number of their lines are run & operated by UP & BNSF (not just on their tracks, but also with their crews). Peter
  16. PerRock

    Assigned seats on the train?

    In all my years of riding Amtrak, I've only been assigned a seat twice (not counting the Acela). And it was my understanding that getting an assigned seat is not the norm. I've seen many a reference here & on r/Amtrak of people helping new folks by telling them it's first come first serve...
  17. PerRock

    Ideas for Amtrak to raise revenue

    Amtrak does wrap advertising. The majority of the wraps are done on locomotives, but not always. Currently Engine #662 is sporting a Train Sim World advertising wrap: Amtrak California has done wraps for SHNSF. A number of TV channels have gotten wraps for trains & cars on the NEC (TLC, Cartoon...
  18. PerRock

    MBTA issues

    It's a standard thing whenever there is a safety incident in a facility that handles large things, like maintenance or manufacturing facilities... not just the rail industry. Essentially it's a mandatory meeting that all employees that would have any connection to the safety incident (including...
  19. PerRock

    Midwest Venture introduction

    The few state DOT officials I've talked to have mentioned the plan to correct the stripes on the locomotives. The screens not working is one of my biggest "fears" of the new cars. Some of the Amfleets had digital screens to show similar information, which very quickly stopped being used & now...
  20. PerRock

    Unruly Passenger Data

    Amtrak (especially in recent years) is pretty notorious for being tight-lipped on passenger data. The latest general ridership figures came from the FRA, not Amtrak (yes I'm sure Amtrak was involved), California sued (or threatened to) to get passenger figures for their services. Your best bet...