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    Metrolink deploys systemwide earthquake early warning system

    Does Japan has that type of warning for high speed trains when the earthquake struck few years ago?
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    Brightline Trains West!

    I'll believe it when both tracks are meeting halfway, just like on Promontory Point. It has been talkings for years but no action.
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    Southwest Chief discussion

    It's Amtrak #3 which is westbound Southwest Chief. #30 is the car location number. I don't have the detail with the last 2 numbers specifically. I think 3 is sleeper and 0 is car number from diner car. Others will chime in.
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    Hello from Southern Idaho

    Hello! I'm from southern Idaho, middle of nowhere for Amtrak! I usually fly to major cities that has good connection between the airports and stations in daylight not in middle of the night!
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    SJC to LAX - which alternative would you suggest?

    I've rode San Joaquin several times. The bus ride between Bakersfield and LAUS wasn't too bad despite those speeders on the freeway. Who knows what's going to happens with SJ if the high speed route will be up and running.
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    Truck Monitor Alarm

    It may be serious, usually the bearing is failing. The train may have to stop and have conductor inspect it to make sure. If it does, the train may go slowly to the nearest siding and disconnected the car from its trainset.
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    Effect of Winter Storm Alejandra on Amtrak

    Perhaps they would reduce the need of using switches which would require thawed out before operating.
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    Longest flight experiences

    Longest flight was nearly 11 1/2 hours from Istanbul to Chicago, in daylight. It screwed up my biological time for nearly a week!
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    Gas prices where you are located?

    Yup, summer is coming- travel season so the demand would be high if the economy doesn't affect them greatly.
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    Airports losing service

    Blame on shortage of pilots in regional airlines. My local city lost 2 out of 3 scheduled flights and other airline discontinued it.
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    Gas prices where you are located?

    Just filled up gas at $4.39 per gallon at Costco in southern Idaho.
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    Maricopa to Dallas after spine surgery

    If riding is a must, the best location is in middle of car which had the least amount of bumpiness than over the wheels.
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    Big Boy No. 4014 “West Coast Steam Tour.” in July 2022

    I hope I get a chance to see it. It's about 45 minutes of country drive to the UP line. I've seen UP 844 up close.
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    Gas prices where you are located?

    Gas price in my local area range from $4.26 to 4.45. Last month was about $3.44 in my frequent local station. Sadly, most of southern Idaho area get fuel from Salt Lake City while northern Idahoans are bickering at Washington politicians for attempting to charge $0.05 tax per gallon to...
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    Is there a way to force a Thruway Bus connection?

    Could you book on segments instead of one way/RT trips?
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    I rode on SWC on the way back home from CA several years ago, along I-40 in western NM. Interstate was closed but the train rode effortlessly on the track.
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    I was riding on EB on the way to NYC Gathering several years ago. We caught on early season snowstorm in October. We had to stop somewhere in Montana for the power company to clear the downed power lines across the tracks in several locations. View was priceless.
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    Gulf Country Queensland (Oz) trains.

    Great trip report, esp. in an Aussie style! It makes me wanting to go down under and explore the country.
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    120V AC Power Question (Again)

    I do not know how many plugs are in each breaker. It doesn't mean how many plugs are used, it's how many amps the breaker can handle.
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    Avelo Airlines Set To Takeoff

    Interesting! Checked Baggage is $10. Carry on Bag- priceless! ($35) I've used Burbank airport few times. It's a small and charming airport. It is supposed to build a new terminal building replacing the old ones due to proximity to the runway. It'll be the same number of gates- 15.