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    Snow storms on Donner Pass

    Sorry that you have to deal with this...
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    Snow storms on Donner Pass

    They cancelled the EB CZ between SAC & RNO. What happens to the passengers at this point?
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    Snow storms on Donner Pass

    I know that there was, at least, one reporter on that train... Saw a comment from her on Twitter. I "think" that she was getting off at Reno, but not 100% certain.
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    Berney Arms: Quietest rail stop sees eight-fold passenger rise

    Awesome -- and is this the collaboration with The Tim Traveler (another one of my favorites).
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    Berney Arms: Quietest rail stop sees eight-fold passenger rise

    Fantastic -- I do follow them a bit, despite being a darn Yank :) I haven't seen them both do a video together recently, so I had hoped that they were still together.
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    Berney Arms: Quietest rail stop sees eight-fold passenger rise

    There is definitely going to be some influence to the numbers. Of course, with 2020... that will skew these numbers all over the place. There is a part of me that would love to try an All The Stations - Amtrak :) but it's probably been done before... and interest would be 'meh' most likely
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    Berney Arms: Quietest rail stop sees eight-fold passenger rise

    Geoff Marshall should be putting out his yearly video on this soon :)
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    Low Bucket Alert post needed?

    Yeah - I've seen some EB fares definitely drop since I last searched about 2 weeks ago. For me, the inspiration for this post was finding Roomette fares in the low bucket for the CZ in mid/late April. I realize that AmSnag isn't around any more ... so figured that posts here would help a bit.
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    Low Bucket Alert post needed?

    Hi all Does it help people to alert them to low bucket room fares? Maybe more appropriate for the long distance runs? I came across some on my 2022 trip research this afternoon and didn't know if a separate thread would be warranted ... or if there was one master one to highlight these...
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Can confirm that 518 is a bucket for the CL Roomette; see 04/17 & 04/18 Eastbound as an example
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    How to sell old model railroading sets/trains ?

    Hi all I've got a series of building models and trains (for the most part, both in original boxes) and some track. All of which is probably 40-50 years old (if not a bit older). Where would be the best place to look for either selling or, at the very least, getting an idea on its value (if any) ?
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    Connecting from CZ to Southwest in SFO or Oakland?

    So... I'm looking at the options with ending the CZ trip westbound and getting back to Vegas. The original thought would be to take the Thruway to SF and then BART to SFO. However, I wouldn't be able to make a Non-Stop trip on Southwest in time. There may be other options... I realized that SW...
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    Crawfordsville Station

    Family on my father's side were farmers in Waynetown :)
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    EB #7 running late 3.5 hours

    When I was looking on Twitter the other day, it seemed like every train out of Chicago was delayed for one reason or another.
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    Craziest Drama on Amtrak you've seen?

    Regarding # 3 -- I wonder how often crew do that ... I mean, that's one way to quit a job.
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    Thanks for this thread (I realize that it is "old") If I go with my "more sensible" plan :) , I will need an overnight stay in Chicago. My initial plan is to just look at Trivago or Airbnb to see anything close to Union Station (may still go that route), but good to know other options as well.
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    Must Sleeper types for EM/CZ ?

    I assume that you do this at the lounge when you check in? Or do you call ahead of time?
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    Is there a way to force a Thruway Bus connection?

    Megabus does do (at least currently) a 12am-5:40am trip --- so that's what I am shooting for, if I can't get the Thruway Bus. :) And, unfortunately, trying Multi-City doesn't work because, even though they list LVS as a station... they won't do the segment to LAX.
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    Must Sleeper types for EM/CZ ?

    Can you choose what level and/or side ? I know that there are, probably, several resources on what side is best :)
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    Must Sleeper types for EM/CZ ?

    In my planning, I've got a solo trip in mind with either 3 or 6 segments (yeah... it's a bit nuts). In either case, 2 of my segments would be on trains that, with the brief amount of research that I've done, are "must get a sleeper vs. coach" picks. EB and the CZ ... (I've also get the SWC as a...