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  1. J

    Points compensation for delay (without requesting)

    I also received an email and 2000 points for a recent tardy (1 hour) Acela, with out any action on my part.
  2. J

    What's dinner like on PDX portion of eastbound EB?

    On my recent trip, our Sleeper Attendant delivered our boxed meals to our rooms. While we ate in our room, we could have adjourned to the lounge. Oddly, a beverage was not provided, though our attendant seemed willing to go to the cafe on our behalf. (The adult beverage was not available, other...
  3. J

    Lounge Access-without same day ticket

    My last few attempts to visit a Metropolitan Lounge have been rebuffed, as I was not traveling on Amtrak. I see this language now in the "benefits" of Select+: Access to Amtrak clubs and lounges with your member card and same-day Amtrak ticket. When was that language added, as in years past...
  4. J

    Penn Station H Accessible-Need advice

    Have you friend take a look at: There he can see the elevator locations, and note that the "Service Drive" entrance usually has a Red Cap stationed there. That elevator is located by the Krispy Kreme on the far side of the Amtrak waiting area. That should...
  5. J

    Boston South Station

    One more-
  6. J

    Boston South Station

    Here’s a few photos of the Metropolitan Lounge in Boston
  7. J

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    Make the reservation. If the available seats are unacceptable, go back in and modify your trip to a different train, or just cancel. First class is fully refundable, to a voucher or back to your credit card. I would to see the availability beforehand, too. I'm just suggesting a way around...
  8. J

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    Call Amtrak and ask which seats are available, then make your reservation with the agent.
  9. J

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    As time moves forward, I know I'll look back at those times spent with Alan, and know my life was just that much better for having known him. ((Hugs)) to Grace and all of Alan's family. Mike J-1 3235
  10. J

    Mess on Yesterday's (5/2) 2154

    I was caught up in the incident cpotisch's Dad experienced. I was on a later train; we were bussed from NYP to NYG, boarded a Metro North train and travelled to New Haven. Then we waited for hours, with pretty much no information from the agents. Finally, once there were enough passengers to...
  11. J

    Pacific Parlour Car Permanently Retired February 2018

    Thank you for sharing your excellent report with us, Rob. I truly enjoyed all the facts and photos. Even the one with me in it! I'm looking forward to article two and three. Mike
  12. J

    Advice on changing trains at New York Penn

    In my experience, you will be served one meal between WAS and NYP. If you were continuing beyond NYP, you would be served another meal. You may want to have lunch in New York. Enjoy your trip. Mike Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  13. J

    Amtrak website problem with Guest rewards

    Hello Bill631, I just tried to book NYP to PHL using points, and was told maintenance was being performed, No problem using cash for payment. I would suggest calling Amtrak Guest Rewards at 800-307-5000 if you need to make your reservation immediately. Good luck! Mike
  14. J

    Good take-out near Boston's North Station

    As far as Coke vs Pepsi on the Downeaster, I believe the café is now serving Pepsi. Sorry Jim! Mike P.S.-Yes, I'm disappointed too.
  15. J

    Lounge Passes bummer

    I believe the old Met Lounge had a "ticketed passengers only" sign at the door. Perhaps the same "rule" is in place in the new lounge? The Club Acela Lounges seem to be open to anyone with status or a pass, whether traveling or not.
  16. J

    Accessible Bedroom

    Opening the H room to the public within the two week window has been the practice for as many years. I'm not aware of when it began. A few years ago, I had to get home from CHI, and was quite pleased the H room was available.
  17. J

    amtrak agent always busy

    In the past, I have called and made a change to just one part of my itinerary. I did not have to rebook the entire trip. Good luck!
  18. J

    Acela first class vs business class

    Yes-the fare from Boston South Station, Back Bay, and Route 128 is the same. The conductors usually lift the FC tickets after RTE. Departing from BOS will give you a better choice of seats.
  19. J

    Epic family train adventure!

    You will be re-booked into coach for the ALB>BOS segment. There has been a 1/2 café-1/2 business car in the consist for the displaced sleeper passengers. You will be offered a selection from the café. In the past, when the sleeper ran through, you could choose between two different meal...
  20. J

    Bill Haithcoat's Health Condition

    A bit of good news-according to Bill's sister Peggy, for the moment he will remain at the rehab facility. I gather it will be a day by day decision. Thank you all. Mike