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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Certainly possibly. I had just always assumed that most of the meetings were done online from the start.
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    Restore Passenger Service to Southern Montana?

    Whatever options there are, if they are still available, goes through Sumitomo since they hired Siemens to clean up after Nippon-Sharyo. Even if it is possible to exercise those options, it is probably easier at this point to go straight to Siemens. They certainly have plenty of orders, but...
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    I believe the minutes are posted by the board secretary, which if remember correctly changed sometime around the new year. The biweekly board meetings have also not been posted since April. Earlier in the year they were often posted a week or two after the fact. In past years they generally...
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    CA HSR at LA Union Station

    Link Union Station Final Environmental Impact Report - June 2019 It's 1562 pages in total and a little confusing as it shows changes from the earlier draft. Looking at it, it shows 10 thru tracks (ultimately, the document suggest some staging in the construction), and one or two platforms and...
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    Acela 21 development, testing and deployment

    A video from a slightly different angle.
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    Amtrak FY 2021-2025 Plans

    Amtrak has added the FY 2021-2025 Plans to the Reports & Documents section of their websire, the links are below for those interested. Service Asset Infrastructure Equipment Stations I have just started looking at them, so I won't offer any comments on them at this point.
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    Acela 21 development, testing and deployment More video.
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    Huge News from Virginia

    Another article for reference. From the article, "Virginia will buy half of the CSX rail line from L’Enfant Plaza in D.C. to downtown Richmond" and the article, "The...
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    Wolverine Delays & Disruptions? (Summer 2019)

    It gets mentioned briefly on page 49 in the Strategic Initiatives. I do not recall seeing it elsewhere in the document, but it is 356 pages long. The fact it gets mentioned is why I suggest that they know it's an issue. But I have not seen it mentioned elsewhere, so I have no idea where it is...
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    Wolverine Delays & Disruptions? (Summer 2019)

    Connecting the sidings between Niles and Kalamazoo to create two mains is mentioned in Amtrak's Infrastructure Asset Line Plan that came out earlier this year, so someone is looking at it. When it might actually happen is another question.
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    TEXRail Opens

    What is the boarding (or platform) height that TEXRail is using?
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    Visualization of a week's worth of Amtrak traffic

    The drop off at night on the NEC and the other state supported corridors is interesting to watch.  That and the splitting and combining of the Empire Builder.
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    Technical Articles on the Construction of the Kashmir Rail Link

    As a former civil engineer that worked with bridges, I really appreciated that!
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    Possible Great Lakes Central Railroad Bi-Level Trainsets For Surfliner

    I think the equipment they are referring to are a handful of former Metra gallery cars.
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    Acela 21 development, testing and deployment

    That sounds familiar too, but wouldn't it make sense to have seen those shells first?
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    Acela 21 development, testing and deployment

    I was surprised when I saw that it was manufactured in Michigan. I thought in the various buy American waivers that where requested, the shells (along with certain other specific components) where to be made in France and shipped to New York for final assembly. Either my memory is wrong or...
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    The Create project for 75th St corridor funded by federal grant

    Good news. However, I am wondering if they are going to do this project in a couple of phases. The last cost estimate I can recall was somewhere around $750M. I guess I will have to dig around on the CREATE sight and see if it has anymore details.
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    Amtrak RFP for new/rebuilt locomotives

    Or they only have enough money to buy 50-75 initially (and the press release mentions additional options).
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    Senator urges Amtrak management, board, to get out and ride

    And why should Amtrak passengers have to pay with their time? Are they a lower class than private car owners?
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    Joe Boardman questions current Amtrak's managements motives

    That's not what the internet says... and we all know that the internet is correct.