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    Brightline Orlando extension

    Not least because of a tendency of folks to approach stuff like this from the POV of "If we can hook you in far enough that the sunk cost fallacy attaches, you'll keep pushing through regardless of how bad it gets."
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    PTC "Server disruption" service issue (March 2023)

    I was mostly outside (at least, until I went to kill my ticket), so that explains that. It happens.
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    PTC "Server disruption" service issue (March 2023)

    It looks like Penny and I were in the station and just never noticed one another. I was on 92; at about 11, I zapped my ticket and got a hotel. There were a few factors - the mounting meltdown was obviously high on the list, but the fact that my ability to make the RPA Board Meeting in person...
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    So, I'd note that one version of the commuter project demand from BL/FEC involved like a 4-track line. So the idea that they might press Broward/Palm Beach to pay for an additional, higher bridge there doesn't seem totally nuts on first glance.
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Ft. Lauderdale will be interesting given the commuter rail proposals. Stuart could be more of a sticking point - but some extra frequencies might be doable with some limited fleeting (i.e. two trains 15 min. apart).
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    This is a complicated question. Notionally, the plans are only for 1tph (or thereabouts), but those have never aligned with ridership projections (witness my breakdown earlier). Let's work this backwards: Say that Brightline goes to 10-car trains, as follows: -8 cars, Smart, 66 seats -2 cars...
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    So, if I had to guess here, what you're likely to see is that they'd get to about 2tph (presuming they get there) and then around peak hours they try to time up a "local" (making all the Brightline stops) and an "express" (probably only hitting MCO, WPB, FLL, and MIA) to go through this section...
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    2021 November 61,045 0.6 $ 582,979 $ 9.83 $ 9.55 0.8 $13.11 2021 December 95,348 1.3 $1,259,547 $13.63 $13.21 1.6 $13.63 2021 156,393 1.8 $1,842,309 $11.51 $11.78 2.4* $15.34 Year Month...
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    Proposed Calgary to Banff passenger train

    On the one hand, I was wondering where they were going to put 30,000 tourists at a time in Banff. On the other hand... It feels like most of the ridership would end up being in those first three stops (and any others that land in Calgary proper). [30,000 riders on 10 round-trips per day would...
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    The Tren Maya (Mayan Train) in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico

    In their defense, I think 100 MPH or so is the fastest train in all of Mexico (so maybe they should call it the "Speedy Tren-zoles"?). (It might be the fastest scheduled train south of the US.) Edit: By the way, what's behind the local opposition? I've seen that there is opposition, but I...
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    Tracking ridership recovery (2022-2023)

    NEC is one additional Acela r/t and one additional Regional r/t, I believe. Whether that's "two trains" or "four trains" is a fun point to debate ;-) The main "sold out"/"nosebleed pricing" issue has been on the LD side of things IINM, though the Cascades have also been a sore point because of...
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    Two sisters were kicked off Crescent for using the lounge car

    Tell that last paragraph to Legal and see how they react ;-) As to Amtrak's Jis pointed out, not all agencies really bother trying to get great PR (though to be fair, Amtrak can't threaten Congress with the risk of terrorism if they aren't funded). Heck, Amtrak's last CEO...
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    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    This is likely to lead to a thread split, but... Amtrak is also trying to drive up ridership, I suspect. There was one train ride I was on last year from...I forget if it was WAS-BAL or BWI-WAS (I think it was the former)...where Amtrak's fares were lower than MARC. I've seen the same thing...
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    Tracking ridership recovery (2022-2023)

    I will constrain my remarks to Virginia since I've been tracking those trains most closely. January is the last month that "perfectly" tracks FY2020 (February probably tracks it as well, and I'd be happy to allow that the extra day in 2020 helps make up for any marginal ridership losses at that...
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    Night Owl Fares on NEC

    Shhhh! :p
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    Amtrak taking first step on Meridian Speedway LD service

    I like the idea of a day train. I'd note that, per the SEHSR study [1], NYP-CLT runtime should be down to about ten hours. The report notes a runtime of 10:15, but the report is old enough that I doubt it includes the probability of not having to swap locomotives in call it ten hours...
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    “Secret” lounge at Chicago Union Station

    I dozed off on those couches more than once when waiting to connect from the Cap to the Zephyr. Good memories.
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    Long Distance service planning is now FRA's responsibility

    Either that or he did take advantage of it and was roundly ignored.
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    Amtrak taking first step on Meridian Speedway LD service

    I'd make two other points here: (1) Depending on timing, there are some city pairs that aren't great right now that could be improved upon (e.g. Atlanta eastbound is almost at midnight these days, SC and Charlotte are in the middle of the night both ways, and Greensboro is lousy southbound). (2)...
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    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Attacking both of these at once: (1) I agree on the Quiet Car. Right now the issue is that that's about 1/3 of Coach. Get up to 6-7 cars (so, 5-6 coach cars) and marking one off as "Quiet" gets easier. (2) Bear in mind that in a few months the service will be to Orlando, not just to Palm...