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  1. Mike G

    Refreshed Superliners in Service

    I have noticed on Virtual Railfan the Sunset Limited has a couple of train sets that the car appeared to have been buffed with Nevr-dull the same compound used on AF-1 anti-ice rings on the engine inlets. It’s also a protective for stainless steel. It would probably take 3 guys a day to do a car...
  2. Mike G

    Tucson short station stops

    Has anyone else noticed the Sunset Limited is doing 15 minute station stops going both ways in Tucson. Not refueling or servicing the Diners water tank. I wonder if it is a security issue. My Son was just there for a week at a conference at Davis-Monthan and stayed at hotel near the station. He...
  3. Mike G

    The Oldest living World War II veteran travels by Amtrak

    I saw him detrain but didn’t see him get back on. Not knowing any better at the time I assumed Tucson was his destination.
  4. Mike G

    Amtrak OBS shortage and salary

    The rule of thumb for cabin attendance is 1 per 50 PAX however the seating arrangement and emergency exits placement requires complete ground PAX exit in 90 seconds for certification, so 1 per 50 could conceivably be 2 ( leave your damn carry-on bags and get your a** off ). There is basically 7...
  5. Mike G

    South West Chief #4 interesting look

    SWC #4 at Galesburg today
  6. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

    SWC #4 at Ft. Madison 6 has 20 late
  7. Mike G

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    Think of a boat on a calm lake, what ever speed in put the boat will react nearly true except for the water drag. the jet streams are large rivers of air movement I have seen as them as high as 284 kt. Take the same boat at the same motor power and go up stream in a river up you will have to...
  8. Mike G

    Westbound CZ Transdorm: Room H or Roomette 17 for a newbie?

    I noticed Sunday and last night the CZ‘s and #3 consist was: Baggage. Not on #3 Transition Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper Diner Sightseeing Coach Baggage Coach.
  9. Mike G

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    Many lessons was learned from the B29s. Engine condition as briefly describe above was a Brain Child of Curtis Lemay, and became the standard in aviation. The B-29s lost more crews and aircrafts to engine failure and ditching from running out of fuel than from the enemy, Being the 1st...
  10. Mike G

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    The Connie used a R-3350 compound engine. It was the final production model. To straighten a few things out. It had a supercharger internally below the throttle body that was operated by engine oil pressure to force the intake air to the cylinders. It was 2 speed controlled by the FE. The...
  11. Mike G

    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation and other propeller planes of mid-20th century

    Post WW II Lockheed made a poor business decision not to move towards commercial jet transports. They were pleased with the Connie. This decision took them out of the large commercial aircraft market. Boeing and Douglas recognize that this was the future of aviation. It should be noted the only...
  12. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

  13. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

    What’s going on with SWC #3 tonight ? Showing “ Service.Disruption “
  14. Mike G

    South West Chief #4 interesting look

    SWC #2 at La Plata had a interesting look this morning
  15. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

    Southwest Chief #3 Ft. Madison station stop, 51 minutes late after boarding the PAX it sat at the platform for 25 minutes then 10 - 12 large pizzas deleived to the Dining Car.
  16. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

    Sunset Limited #1 Tucson station stop 6 hours 45 late cart for Dining Car.
  17. Mike G

    Memphis, TN

    If you have the time you may enjoy the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel, all my visitors always want to see them.
  18. Mike G

    Amtrak delays

    sunset Limited #1 8 hours49 minutes late to Tucson UP 6179 AC4400CW was leading and not refueled. Looks like #51 had no exhaust discharging and was not refueled. #151 was refueled. Numerous flats of Krispy Kreme delivered to the Dining Car.
  19. Mike G

    Overnight parking at Memphis Central Station?

    I live 18 miles South of Memphis in Southaven ( Mississippi ) and personally I wouldn’t .